RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Shares an Update on Jen Shah Friendship as Whitney and Lisa Talk BravoCon Run-In and Angie K. Reveals “Last Words”

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RHOSLC's Heather Gay Says She'll See Jen Friendship "Through Till the End" as Whitney and Lisa Talk BravoCon Run-In and Angie K. Reveals "Last Words"

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast opened up about their post-plea relationships with Jen Shah on a recent episode of the Bravo series’ After Show.

After Jen pled guilty to fraud crimes after insisting she was innocent for months, Heather Gay confirmed the status of their friendship as Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow looked back on their October 2022 run-in with their castmate at BravoCon and recalled their most recent interactions with her.

“We’re friends. We’re seeing it through till the end,” Heather confirmed on the January 11 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “We’re on a group text and we love that group text. We’ll get a random image from Jen at 2 am. That’s just like, you know, because she’s still Jen, you know, and she’s great.”

Meanwhile, both Whitney and Lisa reached out to Jen prior to her July 2022 court hearing for what was one of their final exchanges with their co-star.

“Right before she left to trial, I sent her a text and I said, ‘Sending you positive vibes,’” Whitney recalled, noting that she received a “one-word answer back.”

And although Lisa said she and Jen shared Mother’s Day wishes on Mother’s Day, she noted that Jen wasn’t able to “keep it going” afterward and ultimately returned to her social media attacks.

“She started attacking me on social media, cyberbullying me. I just blocked all the accounts,” Lisa explained.

As for their time with Jen at BravoCon, Whitney said she came in and walked right past her and Lisa at one of the fan convention’s events.

“She looked right at us and she was getting a big reaction from the crowd and I don’t know what got into me but I stood up and I went up to her and I just said, ‘Jen, are you really going to walk past the people that supported you?’ And I gave her a hug and she goes, ‘You know you have the most fun with me,’” Whitney recalled. “It was a very brief interaction but I just felt like I needed to call out the fact of like, ‘Are you really gonna look at Lisa and I and then walk right past us? That’s not cool. We’ve supported you way more than these people that you’re hanging out with now.'”

“She has bigger things to worry about and that’s the thing, I don’t know why Jen is still cyberbullying all of us when she’s facing sentencing and not going to see her children for some time. I can’t wrap my brain around that as a mother,” Whitney continued.

Reflecting on the same interaction, Lisa said that when she came face-to-face with Jen for the first time since her guilty plea, “she turned around like nothing.”

“I’m like, ‘Don’t f-cking talk to me. You lie about me I’m not interested,’” Lisa revealed. “I don’t wish any harm on her. I hope her and her kids are doing amazing. I just think it’s same old Jen… You can’t keep torturing someone and saying horrible lies about them very publicly.”

“I just was surprised she had, her focus was on that instead of more important things,” Lisa added.

Also on the RHOSLC: After Show, Angie Katsanevas looked back on their final interaction with one another.

“[It] was negative. I was questioning her truth and I only did question her because I caught her in so many lies throughout the season,” Angie explained.

According to Angie, red flags were raised when she found out Jen had continued her friendship with the person she claimed made her want to take her own life and even borrowed money and their car from them.

“Then also she had said she admitted herself into a hospital for her mental health and as a good friend, I called to check on her and she’s not there,” Angie continued. “While obviously it’s a very touchy subject and I have a lot of compassion towards mental illness, I questioned her and said, ‘Was this even real?’ So those were my last words to her … and I have never said another word to her since.”