Kate Chastain Talks Ross and Katie’s Relationship, Who She’s Closest to on Below Deck, and If She’s in Touch With Hannah, Plus What She Disliked About Traitors, and Pregnancy

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Kate Chastain on Ross and Katie, What She Disliked About Traitors, and Who She's Closest to From Below Deck, Plus Hannah Update, Camille Drama, and Pregnancy

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Kate Chastain appeared alongside Katie Glaser on Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live, where she shared her thoughts on Katie’s romance with Ross McHarg.

Before dishing on her time on The Traitors, offering an update on where she stands with Hannah Ferrier, and sharing details about her pregnancy, the Below Deck alum admitted that when it comes to Katie and Ross, she believes their relationship could actually work.

“Convenience has a value. It’s good for morale,” Kate stated on the January 30 episode of WWHL.

While the 10th season of Below Deck has featured Fraser Olender blaming himself for poor reviews, Kate told host Andy Cohen that she believes he’s “doing fantastic,” aside from just one matter.

“He’s trying to be their friend a little too much, but I think he’s quickly learning that maybe that’s not the best approach,” she explained. “I do [know] him and he’s so lovely. I really felt like he knew what he was doing going into it.”

Years after leaving her role on Below Deck, Kate joined the cast of Traitors, but she said she didn’t love the challenges of the series.

“I don’t love physical exertion in general. I’ll be honest,” she admitted. “People say I had the worst [approach], but I think I made it pretty far so it was just nontraditional, and I think [Cirie Fields] is a master.”

While Kate would’ve liked to have left the show sooner, she enjoyed getting to wear the cute outfits she brought with her to Scotland.

“I was excited to not be in a uniform after six years on Below Deck,” she shared.

Then, when asked if she was surprised by the conclusion of the series, Kate said, “Without giving anything away, I was not surprised by the last standing traitor at all. but they’re so likable it’s almost like I didn’t care.”

Meanwhile, when asked which Bravolebrity she feels would be good on the Peacock series’ potential second season, she named Ben Robinson.

“I think Chef Ben would be fantastic. He’s a good liar and that’s a high compliment,” she confirmed, noting that out of the entire Below Deck cast, she’s closest to Ben and Captain Lee Rosbach.

Expanding on the topic of Below Deck, Katie said that out of Captain Jason Chambers and Captain Kerry Titheradge, she’d rather work with Jason.

“I think they’re both fantastic. They’re both quite attractive. That might be a little distracting. I think I’d like to go Down Under,” she revealed, giving a nod to Jason’s Below Deck: Down Under.

She also praised Chef Rachel Hargrove as a “genius.”

“She is a genius but I feel like for some reason this season she’s having trouble finding her footing, but I’m sure she’ll get there cuz she’s so talented,” Kate noted.

And despite the fact that Hannah recently welcomed her first child, Kate confirmed she is not in touch with the Below Deck: Mediterranean alum.

“She lives down in Australia. The time zones are different. I’m sure that’s the only reason she hasn’t called me up yet,” she said, sarcastically.

During a game of “Can! You! Defend?!,” which featured questions about the behavior of Camille Lamb, Kate defended Camille’s general attitude and decision to continue hanging with the group after her firing, labeling her a “rock star.”

As for Camille’s drinking, Kate said, “Put it in a coffee mug like a professional! Come on,” and when it was noted that Camille had thrown Captain Sandy Yawn under the bus, Kate suggested she “was confused.”

But when asked if Camille or Alissa Humber was a bigger problem, Kate admitted, “I think they both were problems.”

During season 10, Captain Sandy was enlisted to take over for Captain Lee after he was faced with health challenges. And according to Kate, she did “a fantastic job.”

“It must have been really awkward to come in midseason and I think she was really gracious about it, [and] was happy to help out and happy to hand it back,” she reasoned.

Also on the live broadcast, Kate was asked about her relationship with Big Brother‘s Rachel Reilly, who she accused of being a “traitor” on The Traitors.

“I don’t know how many episodes you’ve watched but [she] accused me quite a bit as well,” Kate noted. “Rachel’s very sweet. We’re in a good place. The name of the game was Traitors so that was kind of just our job.”

Kate then said that aside from Brandi Glanville, she’s closest to Cirie from Survivor.

“[She] is awesome. I love her so much. We’re trauma bonded,” Kate explained of their time on The Traitors.

On the WWHL: After Show, Kate was asked about her pregnancy.

“I feel so lucky. It’s been the easiest pregnancy ever, well my only, but yeah, very easy,” she revealed. “I [always wanted kids] but I wasn’t sure it was gonna happen for me so I just feel so lucky.“

Kate then confirmed she knows the sex of her first child but didn’t reveal what it was.

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