PHOTO: Kyle Richards Shares a Picture of Her Lunch Amid Weight Loss Speculation, See What RHOBH Star Eats

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards Reveals Diet Secrets Amid Weight Loss Speculation, Find Out What She Eats

Kyle Richards just revealed what she eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As she continues to be accused of using the diabetes drug Ozempic for weight loss, which she’s denied, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to her Instagram Story, where she shared a photo of her lunch and told her fans and followers what she’s been eating.

“So many DMs asking about my workout routine [and] meal suggestions… This was lunch today… fish [and] vegetables,” Kyle wrote in the caption of her February 6 lunch pic. “Dinner was chicken breast [and] salad … P.S. I had already picked at the green vegetables so please don’t DM asking why there is hardly any on my plate.”

According to Kyle, she’s been drinking “lots of water” and incorporating plenty of protein into her diet.

“I’m not a big breakfast person but after my workout I would have eggs or a smoothie with protein powder. Also, a lot of you asking if I eat fruit and the answer is yes,” she added.

RHOBH Kyle Richards Shares Diet Secrets Amid Weight Loss Speculation

Earlier this month, during an interview with Hollywood Life, the RHOBH cast member said that in addition to eating “really well” and being “very aware of what [she puts] in [her] body,” she’s been working out every day.

“I’m usually in the gym for about two hours a day … Actually, I do a lot of cardio. It’s really, really important for women to exercise and to eat right. I can’t stress that enough.”

“Like I said, [I do not use] Ozempic or that other one that starts with an M,” she insisted. “I changed my eating after we were in Europe for a month. We were in Europe for three weeks and then Australia for a week, and I had gained weight, and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s it. No sugar, no carbs, no alcohol.’”

And around the same time, Kyle spoke to Extra, admitting she “cannot stand” when people accuse her of using Ozempic.

“People that know me know that I’m up every day like 5:30, 6 a.m. the latest,” she explained. “I’m in the gym for two hours. I really put a lot of effort into my diet and exercise and taking care of myself.”

As for her exercise routine, Kyle said on Amazon Live that she does something different every day.

“I do the Peloton, a very long, extensive ab routine. I’m now doing weights. I always did light weights, but now I’ve increased my weights that I’m lifting. And then I will run, either outside or — depending on the weather — I will run on the treadmill,” she revealed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 is currently in production.