Frank Catania’s Girlfriend Brittany Addresses Relationship With Dolores, Future Engagement, and If She’s Cool With RHONJ Cast, Plus How She Met Frank

by Lindsay Cronin
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Frank Catania's Girlfriend Brittany on How She and Dolores Get Along, a Future Engagement, and If She's Cool With RHONJ Cast, Plus How She and Frank Met

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Frank Catania‘s girlfriend, Brittany Mattessic, hosted an “Ask Us Anything” session on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, ahead of the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13. And, while taking questions from her followers, she opened up about how she and Frank’s ex-wife, Dolores Catania, get along.

Nearly a year after going public with their relationship, Brittany reacted to an Instagram user who asked, “How do you and Dolores get along?,” before addressing a number of other topics, including her and Frank’s potential future engagement and her relationships with the rest of the RHONJ cast.

“Dolores and I get along great and she could not be any nicer to me,” Brittany revealed on February 7, along with a photo of herself, Frank, Dolores, the former couple’s son, Frankie Jr., and another man.

RHONJ Frank Catania's Girlfrind Brittany on How She and Dolores Get Along

“When is he going to propose?” another person wondered.

‘Might have to DM him and ask,” Brittany replied.

RHONJ Frank Catania Girlfriend Brittany on Future Engagement

A third person wondered if Brittany was on good terms with the RHONJ cast.

“Without naming names are there any housewives you are NOT cool with?” they asked.

And Brittany confirmed, “I get along with all the ladies.”

Brittany Mattessic Says She Gets Along With All the RHONJ Cast

Continuing on, Brittany responded to someone who wanted to know about the dynamic between her and Frank.

“Do [you] guys ever have disagreements?” the person wrote.

“Frank and I never fight it is very rare for us to have a disagreement,” Brittany revealed.

RHONJ Brittany Mattessic on If She and Frank Catania Have Disagreements

As for how she and Frank first met, Brittany, told another person that the two of them worked together as she prepared for bikini competitions.

“Frank trained me for my bikini competitions,” she shared, along with an old photo of her and Frank.

RHONJ Brittany Mattessic on How She and Frank Catania Met

As RHONJ fans well know, just as Frank has moved on from his marriage to Dolores, Dolores has moved on from Frank, having debuted her current relationship with boyfriend Paul Connell in late 2021, months after parting ways with Dr. David Principe, who fans saw on past seasons of the show.

While appearing on Housewives Nightcap at the end of last year, Dolores spoke of the relationship between Frank and Paul, saying that they “get along” and praising her man as a “great” and “fun” guy.

“I’m excited about [our relationship]. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh wow. You’re with him so much and you guys do everything together.’ No one knows me to do that. I wasn’t called Solo Dolo for nothing. So this is a different part of my life and I said it would be for me and it seems to be for me,” she explained. “I’m very happy.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.