RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Addresses Gia’s Hurtful Claim & Gabriella’s Criticism, Reacts to Jacqueline Saying She “Manipulates” People, Plus Luis’ “Insecure” Diss

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RHONJ's Melissa Gorga Addresses Gia's Hurtful Claim & Gabriella's Criticism, Reacts to Jacqueline Saying She "Manipulates" People, Plus Luis' "Insecure" Diss

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Melissa Gorga reacted to Gabriella Giudice‘s comments about her and her husband, Joe Gorga, expecting praise they haven’t earned on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

After Gabriella was seen chatting with her mom, Teresa Giudice, and sister, Gia Giudice, about the Gorgas’ involvement with her and her siblings amid Teresa’s prison stint on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa slammed her sister-in-law as “selfish,” reacted to her reunion with Jacqueline Laurita, and clapped back at Luis Ruelas for suggesting she’s “insecure.”

“I think it’s super selfish when any mother brings a child into a conversation like this. I’m sorry. It’s a selfish thing to have them comment on it. [Gabriella]’s my godchild,” Melissa stated on the February 21 episode of WWHL.

During the episode, in addition to shading her aunt and uncle, Gia admitted to wishing Teresa didn’t offer Melissa a late invitation to be one of her bridesmaids. And when asked about the dig, Melissa suggested Teresa’s offer wasn’t genuine.

“No, I was just like, ‘Get out of here,’” Melissa recalled. “It was to save face. I don’t need to save face. She doesn’t need to either, anymore.”

When host Andy Cohen then wondered how Melissa felt when she saw her niece suggest that she and Joe only helped with Teresa’s kids when cameras were around, Melissa said, “That hurts to even hear.”

And Joe agreed, saying, “Exactly what she said.”

As for Jacqueline’s recent reunion with Teresa and her claim that Melissa manipulates people, Melissa expressed confusion.

“She literally didn’t show up to a reunion because she was saying Teresa was the most manipulating situation and Teresa was calling me out on things,” Melissa explained. “She has really proven that she can’t stand Teresa in so many ways. She sends text messages all over the place. I’m in shock that she said that about me because from day one, before I even filmed my first scene, she was the one calling my phone every day, not in a negative way, but to definitely fill me in on things so the fact that she said that I’m manipulating is crazy.”

Melissa then said it was “strange” that Luis called her insecure.

“It’s coming from Mr. Insecurity himself. He freaks out if you say one thing about him. He like, walks in circles,” Melissa explained, noting, “He sweats.”

Also on WWHL, Melissa was questioned about why she told Danielle Cabral that Jackie Goldschneider had dissed her outfit.

“I wasn’t not repeating it for any wrong reasons. I was just being honest with her,” Melissa said. “And I don’t care. Jackie doesn’t care. Jackie’s like, [she] unapologetically says what she says about Danielle, which I don’t think she cares. She doesn’t even care that I told her.”

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