Mystery Man Seen With Ariana Madix is Revealed After They Skinny-Dipped in Vanderpump Rules Midseason Trailer

by Lindsay Cronin
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Mystery Man Seen With Ariana Madix is Revealed After They Skinny-Dipped in Vanderpump Rules Midseason Trailer

Credit: Faye’s Vision/Cover Images

Ariana Madix was seen skinny-dipping with a mystery man in the just-released midseason trailer for Vanderpump Rules season 10. But as the man has since revealed, viewers shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

After Tom Schwartz cryptically mentioned that “open relationships” were “tough” and Tom Sandoval complained about his and Ariana’s sex life, the mystery man, TomTom server Brett Kenyon, confirmed he is gay as viewers wondered why editors made it look as if Ariana had been caught getting cozy with him.

“The way the trailer makes me look like I’m straight is the funniest thing ever,” Brett wrote in a post shared to his Instagram Story on March 20.

Then, after another Instagram user clarified that Brett is “not Ariana’s new love interest” and “isn’t even straight,” Brett added, “If I were straight though, Ariana would 100 percent be my type!”

Ariana Madix Alleged Love Interest in Pump Rules Trailer is Gay

Brett also addressed the sneaky editing on TikTok.

@brettken13 woke up to quite the full inbox this morning #teamariana #vanderpumprules #scandoval #bravotv #arianamadix #pumprules ♬ original sound – Brett Kenyon

After Bravo shared the sneak peek clip of the remaining episodes of Pump Rules, a number of Twitter users wondered who Ariana’s potential mystery man was. Then, after it was confirmed as Brett, a number of people spoke out in frustration.

“Messy a– editors throwing in a scene of Ariana in a pool with a gay man,” one person said.

Another accused Bravo of adding intrigue with that “bed kiss” involving Sandoval and a woman who couldn’t be identified and noted how they showed Ariana “topless getting in her pool with another man…who happens to be her gay best friend.”

“Why are they trying to make Ariana look bad in the trailer like that?” asked someone else.

The midseason trailer also featured the confrontation Sandoval and Ariana had after his affair with Raquel Leviss was revealed. As fans well know, Bravo picked cameras backed up after the shocking betrayal was disclosed earlier this month in an effort to provide a more well-rounded and up-to-date season for viewers.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.