Meghan King Reveals 4-Yr-Old Son Was Expelled Twice From Preschool, Explains How Cerebral Palsy Played a Role

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RHOC Alum Meghan King Reveals 4-Yr-Old Son Hart Was Expelled From Preschool Twice, Claims Cerebral Palsy is Turning Into Behavioral Issues

Meghan King appeared on Monday’s episode of Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM Radio show, where she revealed her son Hart, 4, has been kicked out of two different preschools.

Several months after her ex-husband, Jim Edmonds, denied Hart has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, claiming he actually has periventricular leukomalacia, a form of brain damage, the former Real Housewives of Orange County castmate said Hart has been suffering from behavior issues stemming from his cerebral palsy.

“My four-year-old just got expelled from preschool!” Meghan announced on the March 27 episode of Jeff Lewis Live. “He’s my kid who has cerebral palsy and it’s kinda turning into some behavioral issues and they kicked him out of his private preschool so then I put in public preschool, and then he got kicked out of public preschool.”

According to Meghan, Hart is able to attend a half day with special ed but cannot go the full day, which is “really stressful.”

As for the possibility of getting him an aide, Meghan said it was quite pricey.

“I did an aide. Forty-four dollars an hour for an aide, and this is on top of private school tuition. Because then they have to be certified and have all these letters behind their name. It’s just a lot,” she admitted.

Also on the show, Meghan confirmed she worked with a deaf nanny, saying, “Oh my gosh. Yes.”

Back in 2020, on World Cerebral Palsy Day, the RHOC alum said Hart was “officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy.”

“As fate would have it, today is World Cerebral Palsy Day so I felt called to share his experience and my experience with you all in order to hopefully normalize this diagnosis,” Meghan wrote on Instagram at the time. “Something I’ve learned is that a diagnosis isn’t limiting, people are… We place others in boxes dependent on their labels and we unconsciously allow ourselves to live within those boxes: woman, college graduate, high-school dropout, professional athlete, cerebral palsy.”

“I am choosing to celebrate what makes Hart different and raise my children with the encouragement to live their lives out loud and to never let their differences limit or define them,” she added.

However, in a statement of his own, prior to calling Meghan out for misrepresenting Hart’s condition, Jim said he knew nothing of the diagnosis.

“Jim is unaware of any such diagnosis and, if it is even true, it is completely unconscionable and absolutely disgraceful that Meghan would announce this on social media without discussing it with him first,” his rep, Steve Honig, told The Blast.

Meghan was featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County in a full-time role from season 10 to season 12.