Peter Madrigal Hints James Was Involved in Brawl at Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Slams Raquel for Using Him as “Pawn” in “Illicit Affair,” and Suspects Sandoval Will Cheat

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Peter Madrigal Hints James Was Part of Near-Fight at Pump Rules Reunion, Slams Raquel for Using Him as "Pawn" in "Illicit Affair," and Suspects Sandoval Will Cheat

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Peter Madrigal believes James Kennedy was one of the two men involved in a near-brawl at the recently-filmed Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Following reports claiming Jax Taylor suggested it was Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval who nearly sparred, which Scheana Shay denied, Peter confirmed he thinks it was James before lashing out against “manipulative” Raquel Leviss and suspecting Sandoval will cheat.

“I heard that there was a fight that almost broke out. I think it was James and someone else,” Peter said on the latest episode of Hollywood Life‘s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast.

“I personally think James was involved,” he continued. “Because think about it — he’s affected by this thing too. He was used, just like I was used. I was used to cover up their little cheating scandal. I was one of the pawns used in this massive game. In this illicit affair.”

While Peter blocked both Raquel and Sandoval on Instagram, he’s been in touch with Scheana, who was the target of a restraining order filed by Raquel (and later dismissed).

Speaking of the restraining order, in which Scheana was accused of punching her castmate, Peter said it was “a little over exaggerated.”

“I mean, if I found out that, and it was my BFF that was being affected, I’d probably wanna deck somebody, too,” Peter reasoned. “So I guess that restraining order is a good move.”

Although Raquel and Sandoval have continued to date in the weeks since their affair was exposed, Peter doesn’t believe they’ll last, saying he’s “probably going to cheat on her.”

“He’s still in a relationship with Ariana, while he’s having sex with Rachel, and then he’s claiming that he’s in love with her,” Peter explained. “It’s like, that’s kind of sudden.”

Also on Hollywood Life‘s podcast, Peter said he didn’t appreciate being “dragged” into the “whole thing.”

“I was used as a scapegoat,” he noted. “I was used to cover up this illicit affair.”

According to Peter, who went on a few dates with Raquel last summer, around the time her affair with Sandoval began, he thinks Raquel’s “starter pony” diss was created by Sandoval because he was upset with him for “making out with Raquel while they were hooking up.”

“When you do that, then a different animal comes out. People think, ‘Oh Peter’s a nice guy, he’s not gonna do anything.’ That is wrong. That is bold faced wrong,” Peter said. “You insult me, I’m coming at you. Just because I’m nice and want to keep the peace doesn’t mean you can insult me to my face and behind my back on national TV.”

Continuing on about Raquel, Peter had nothing nice to say.

“I don’t know what kind of person would do something like this,” he stated. “She’s a person who kept everything very secret. That’s not someone I want to be associated with. It’s kind of terrifying, actually. To think that someone like this, you think she’s a nice person, and all of a sudden she turns out to be something completely different.”

Although Peter didn’t attend the reunion taping on March 23, he said he “should’ve been” there to question Raquel about her behavior.

“I would ask her, ‘So, you were hooking up with Sandoval this entire time? And I was used as a scapegoat. Why would you do something like that to another person? Why would you sit around at your apartment chilling with Ariana, who is your friend, and be banging her man behind her back? What kind of person does something like that?’ That’s what I would say,” he shared.

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