Melissa Gorga Claims Luis Ruelas Physically Came at Her to “Attack” & Slams His Aggressive Behavior on RHONJ, as Teresa Accuses Her of Wanting “Attention”

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Melissa Gorga Slams Luis' Aggressive Behavior on RHONJ, Says He Physically Came at Her to "Attack" as Teresa Accuses Her of Wanting "Attention"

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Melissa Gorga claims Luis Ruelas exhibited aggressive behavior and made her feel as if he was going to “attack” her at the prohibition party on the finale episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

As she and her co-stars looked back on the shocking conclusion to season 13, which featured the uncovering of a rumor claiming she cheated on husband Joe Gorga, Melissa and Rachel Fuda commented on Luis’ wild antics as Teresa Giudice accused her sister-in-law of hunting for attention.

“The party got weird because [Danielle Cabral] started to slap her own a–,” Melissa recalled on the May 16 episode of the RHONJ: After Show. “She’s very funny with me when I confront her. She flips like, throws things, anything but have the conversation with Melissa.”

“I don’t know what just happened with you and Danielle. I’m in the middle of the movie. I can’t even decipher what is going on at the party. I don’t know why everyone’s screaming. I don’t know what’s going down here. It’s just mass chaos. Everyone’s mad,” Rachel added.

On Tuesday’s RHONJ finale, Melissa learned of the cheating rumor against her from Danielle. However, rather than react with shock at the news, Melissa confirmed she’d already heard about it because Luis had called Joe to his home to discuss it.

“I see [Melissa and Danielle] talking alone on the couch and I see Melissa getting irritated so I walk over there. I was like, ‘Oh God, I’m sure they’re talking…’ And it starts clicking in my head, ‘Something must’ve happened,’” Margaret Josephs noted.

Understandably, Margaret wasn’t happy about the rumor, which was told to Teresa and Jennifer Aydin by her former best friend, Laura Marasca Jensen, who named Marge as her source.

“Margaret comes at me a thousand miles per hour, ready to f-cking attack, and she just went in for the kill. And I was ready for it,” Danielle shared. “You’re not gonna talk to me anymore the way you’ve been talking and I’m f-cking done. Got your number.”

As Margaret and Danielle engaged in a heated feud, so did Melissa and Teresa.

“She’s coming at me, and I’m like, I know what you’re trying to do. You want attention,” Teresa suspected. “I’m not giving it to you, and get your hand off me. And I just walked away. And that was it.”

According to Marge, she suspected that Teresa didn’t take more of an issue with Jennifer and Danielle because she was in cahoots with the two of them to have the rumor brought up on camera.

“Teresa should be screaming at Jennifer and Danielle and saying, ‘Look what you f-cking did. Shut up.’ That just proves to me she knew about it,” Marge stated.

Then, looking back at Luis’ antics against her, Melissa admitted to being fearful after confronting Luis about his secret meeting with her husband.

“Luis comes walking by, and I was like, ‘Oh, you’re proud of yourself, huh? You’re calling my husband over to your house to tell him I’m the cheater all the rumor that I’ve heard about you that I’ve never said and you’re making sh-t up about me,’” she revealed. “He got red like he was gonna attack me.”

“He literally physically came at me, and [Nate Cabral] had to hold him back,” Melissa continued. “All the men said he was off. He was either on something or he was not in his right mind. He was red as a tomato, he was, like, weird that day … His hands were like this, he was chain-smoking, he was holding his cigarette behind his back, he was coming out, he was aggressive, he was red.”

“He was definitely not in his right mind,” Rachel agreed. “There was something so like, shaky and high energy.”

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