Brittany Cartwright Shares What Angered Her Most About Vanderpump Rules Finale, Reacts to Tom and Raquel’s Split, and Talks Ariana’s Boyfriend Daniel Wai

by Lindsay Cronin
Brittany Cartwright Shares What Angered Her Most About Vanderpump Rules Finale, Reacts to Tom and Raquel's Split, and Talks Ariana's Boyfriend Daniel Wai

Credit: Faye’s Vision/Cover Images

Brittany Cartwright was quite annoyed as she watched last week’s finale episode of Vanderpump Rules season 10.

Following the conclusion of the main episodes of the series, the former cast member shared her thoughts on Tom Sandoval‘s behavior as she also commented on season 11 and his alleged split from Raquel Leviss. She also admitted that she’s “so happy” for Ariana Madix.

“I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about [Daniel Wai],” Brittany revealed of Ariana’s new flame during a May 19 interview with Access Hollywood. “Everybody that knows him and that has talked to him says that he’s great and that makes me so happy for her cause she deserves it.”

According to Brittany, she believes Ariana is much better off without Sandoval.

“I think that she’s just gonna feel like so much weight is lifted off her shoulders and she’s not gonna have to deal with Tom’s going out all the time and just the craziness that comes with him and their lives,” Brittany explained. “It’s gonna be a nice break and relief for her.”

“I just think that in the end, she’s just gonna grow from it all and it’s gonna be a really good thing that they finally are not together anymore,” she added.

While Sandoval and Raquel were seen professing their love for one another on the finale episode of Pump Rules, sources claimed the couple broke up earlier this month as he stepped out with influencer Karlee Hale.

Still, Brittany isn’t sure what to believe.

“[I saw] that they weren’t broken up, that they were never in a relationship to begin with, and that they’re still talking and trying to figure it out,” she revealed. “So whatever happens to them happens to them. Cause right now, I don’t think anybody really wants to talk to them or have to deal with their crap anymore.”

After slamming Raquel for acting like Ariana’s best friend throughout her months-long affair with Sandoval, Brittany said that while the cast likely doesn’t want them back for season 11, she’s sure production does.

“This has been a gold mine for them. This just went so public and it’s been so crazy, but I don’t think the rest of the cast is gonna want that. So it just depends,” Brittany stated. “It’s reality TV at the end of the day.”

As for which part of the finale Brittany hated the most, she said she didn’t like to see Sandoval’s lack of accountability during his face-off with Ariana.

“The thing that angered me the most was whenever Tom was talking to Ariana and even at the end, whenever she was like, ‘Is there anything you want to say to me?’ And he still didn’t say sorry, that really rubbed me the wrong way,” she revealed. “He couldn’t even say, like, ‘I’m sorry.’ And she asked, ‘When is the next time you’re gonna see [Raquel]?’ And he was like, ‘Tomorrow.’”

“Why aren’t you apologizing?” Brittany wondered. “It just seems like there was no empathy, and that he had no remorse for what he had done, and that was really just so annoying… I hated that part.”

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