Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani Shares an Update With Bre Teisi, Addresses Feud With Heather and Threatens to Expose Off-Camera Interaction

by Lindsay Cronin
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Selling Sunset's Chelsea Lazkani Says Bre "Wants to Kill" Her as She Addresses Feuds With Her & Heather and Threatens to Expose Off-Camera Interaction

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Chelsea Lakzani opened up about her feuds with Heather El Moussa and Bre Teisi in a comment shared on Instagram.

As Nicole Young continues to face online backlash amid her feud with Chrishell Stause, the Selling Sunset cast member has taken to her own social media account to clap back at Heather’s excuse for running to Bre with the information she had said about her (in regard to Nick Cannon, the father of her nearly-1-year-old son Legendary, welcoming another baby with Lanisha Cole) while also offering an update on where she and Bre stand today.

“I think she wants to kill me, and I want to stay alive for a very long time,” Chelsea told Entertainment Tonight of her current relationship with Bre on May 22. “So, you know, I just think I’ll keep my distance from her.”

According to Chelsea, she knew who Bre was when season six began and already had some opinions about her. And, because she was “obviously creating a TV show,” she decided to voice them.

“It was only when I took a step back when I realized I was hurting somebody’s feelings,” she explained. “I went from the standpoint of, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re doing a show. Everyone’s talking about it anyway. Like, I see it everywhere. So, I’m just gonna say what I feel…’ But no, this is a person with true feelings, and you could hurt that person, because the difference between the online trolls and myself is I’m right in front of your face.”

That said, Chelsea believes she was honest about her assessment of the situation and claims there were certain things she kept to herself.

“I said things that could have hurt somebody by disclosing what I saw and what I heard,” she noted. “I didn’t accurately represent it? … I don’t know how to lie. There are things that I concealed that I will never share.”

After Chelsea told the cast that Bre was “upset” and blindsided when Nick welcomed a baby with someone else, Heather went back and told Bre, which led to Chelsea’s current feud with the two of them. However, according to Heather, she wasn’t trying to stir the pot.

After a fan on Instagram told Heather that passing the info to Bre was “not helpful” and accused her of intentionally creating drama, Heather said she went to Bre as a friend.

“[Bre] is a very close friend, and if I felt she was upset like Chelsea said, then I’m going to call my friend and check on her and see how she is,” Heather explained. “I wasn’t stirring anything I was simply checking on my friend. Chelsea should have not brought up a private moment between her and Bre. That’s why Bre was upset.”

But after seeing Heather’s post, Chelsea shot her down.

“Yeah you were, you conveniently spent multiple scenes asking me about Bre, only to get a response from me, then run back and gossip,” Chelsea pointed out. “You knew exactly what you were doing.”

Chelsea proceeded to accuse Heather of “stirring up sh-t” by suggesting she didn’t understand why she couldn’t attend her baby shower — even though it was on the day of her father’s birthday.

“I spent weeks stressed, trying to find a way to make it from LA to St. Louis and back to make your baby shower, which would have had me leaving early from my daughter and father’s birthday party,” she stated.

She then added, seemingly issues a warning to Heather, “Let me remind you, you also made claims about Bre at your intimate birthday dinner (not filmed), a dinner that I was invited to and Bre was not, should we go there?”

Selling Sunset Chelsea Lazkani Exposes Instagram Feud With Heather El Moussa

Selling Sunset season six is currently streaming on Netflix.