Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause Reveals Why Amanza Smith Blocked Her, Plus Why Nicole Young Can’t Sue Over Drug Diss as Chrishell Shades Her as “Obsessed”

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Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause Reveals Why Amanza Smith Blocked Her and Why Nicole Can't Sue Over Drug Insinuations, Plus Shades Nicole as "Obsessed" and "Thirsty"

Chrishell Stause is speaking out amid her ongoing feuds with Selling Sunset co-stars Amanza Smith and Nicole Young.

As she explained why Amanza blocked her on Instagram while appearing on a recent podcast, Chrishell also shared a series of tweets about her drama with Nicole, who she accused of acting “cracked out” during an episode of season six earlier this month.

“Can you [please] tell me the difference between ‘on crack’ and ‘cracked out’?” a fan asked Chrishell on May 24, giving the nod to her diss against Nicole, who denied the claims.

“On crack is self explanatory but cracked out-(what I said) means you are acting crazy so maybe there is a reason other than you being obsessed & thirsty for that camera,” Chrishell replied, admitting, “Should not have said everything I was thinking.”

Selling Sunset Chrishell Stause Confirms Difference Between on Crack and Cracked Out

As Selling Sunset fans will recall, tensions rose between Chrishell and Nicole after Nicole suggested Chrishell was being given real estate listings only because their boss, Jason Oppenheim, who once dated Chrishell, had taken a romantic interest in her.

However, after Chrishell alluded to Nicole’s potential use of hard drugs, things got even worse between them, with some wondering if Nicole will sue, especially after she was forced to pull out of appearances after receiving death threats.

That said, Chrishell made it clear in a tweet that she and her castmates aren’t allowed to take legal action against one another.

“Well I could have saved her some money on her attorney,” Chrishell wrote. “We sign away rights to sue when we sign on to do the show. So her attorney along with her ‘facts’ are questionable at best.”

Selling Sunset Chrishell Stause Confirms Nicole Can't Sue Over Drug Accusations

In another tweet, Chrishell clapped back at a viewer who said she was a “weirdo” for thinking “it’s okay to say someone is on drugs.”

“She got the camera time she created a problem to get so I think she is fine,” Chrishell reasoned. “Also I could care less who does drugs. It’s a non issue in LA. Just an issue on reality tv I have learned. Thanks for watching.”

Selling Sunset Chrishell Stause Claims Nicole Used Her for Camera Time

As for what led to her drama with Amanza, Chrishell suggested the issues between them began due to an incident involving her partner, G Flip.

“When G decided to film on the show, the one caveat that I’m very protective over—it cannot have anything to do with drama at all,” Chrishell explained on Hits 1, via Cosmopolitan. “I’m happy to take that heat because—at the end of the day—if G is going to be so gracious as to join this crazy world I’m in, it is my job to protect them.”

Looking back at production on season six, Chrishell said she and Amanza were involved in “a design project” when Amanza “started an issue” that prompted Chrishell to question whether she should film with her.

“I didn’t want to continue with the drama going. We weren’t speaking, so I didn’t want G involved in that,” Chrishell noted. “So, she’s upset that that design thing didn’t go on the show, but we were filming for nine months, you could have done it…you didn’t have to have me and my partner involved.”

That said, Chrishell confirmed that she loves Amanza and believes she’s simply “in her feelings” at the moment since the project didn’t air.

“But at some point she has to understand, this is my partner, I’m very protective,” she added. “I thought we squashed it. Actually, we both apologized. You know, I paid her for everything that was…so I don’t want to fight with her whatsoever.”

Selling Sunset season six is currently streaming on Netflix.