Selling Sunset Alum Christine Quinn Shares a Surprising Update With Chrishell Stause, Explains Why She is Not Watching Season 6, & Shades Heather as a “Snoozefest”

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Selling Sunset Alum Christine Quinn Shares a Surprising Update With Chrishell Stause, Explains Why She is Not Watching Season 6, & Shades Heather as a "Snoozefest"

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Christine Quinn isn’t tuning in to the latest season of Selling Sunset, and during a recent interview, she explained why.

As the ex-cast member of the Netflix reality show seemingly shaded producers as she revealed why she’s not watching, Christine also took aim at Heather El Moussa amid rumors she may not return for season seven and shared her current status with former on-screen nemesis Chrishell Stause.

Weeks ago, after a Selling Sunset viewer noticed how Chrishell had refrained from speaking negatively of Christine as many of her co-stars did so, Christine admitted things have changed between them.

“I think [Chrishell Stause], and I have both come a long way,” she replied in a tweet “liked” by Chrishell. “I think it’s all about timing. I think now we could just get together and laugh and realize the joke is on everyone else.”

Selling Sunset Christine Quinn Seemingly Confirms End of Feud With Chrishell Stause

Christine also spoke of their relationship during an appearance on E! News in May, months after Chrishell hinted she was open to a reconciliation.

“I feel like Chrishell, and I are actually not on bad terms,” Christine revealed. “We really aren’t. I told her on Twitter, I said, ‘I’m open to reconciliation.’ And she hearted it, and there was like a cute little convo. So, who knows what the future holds?”

But while Christine may have friends on the cast, that doesn’t mean she’s tuning into the new episodes — especially since she doesn’t feel their portrayals are always accurate.

“I have my girls that I absolutely love, and I’m so supportive of them. But for me, I don’t think I’ll watch the show just because I want to know them for who they are and not what they’re edited to be,” she explained. “So, for me, I probably won’t watch it. But I did hear that my name was being dropped in the trailer.”

As for the future of the series, Christine had thoughts on Heather’s potential return after her former castmate told E! News she had “not been called back” about season seven.

“I’m not shocked because she’s a snoozefest. But you know, it is what it is,” Christine said. “She’s a little snoozy. I love her. She’s a sweetheart. But it’s TV. You have to give it. You know, you have to bring it.”

As for whether or not she would return to reality TV, Christine shot down the idea.

“I love watching the [Real Housewives], and I love reality TV—like, I’m all for it. But for me, I would love to get back into scripted,” she noted. “That’s what I would really love to do, like Lady Gaga did with her career.”

Also, during the interview, Christine spoke of her book, How to Be a Boss B*tch.

“The book was really all about confidence, so that was my no. 1 takeaway when I started writing the book is people were asking, ‘How can I be confident?'” she said. “It was something that I didn’t really understand. But through years and years of rejection and being told no, I learned how to set boundaries, and how to say yes, and how to say no, and how to not be a people pleaser.”

“It’s just about standing your ground and knowing who you are and just being like, ‘Yes, I do want to do this, or no, I value my time, and I value myself so much that I choose to say no because it’s not right for me,'” she added.

Selling Sunset season six is currently streaming on Netflix.