Brittany Cartwright Addresses Potential Return to Reality TV, Shares What Made Marriage to Jax “Stronger,” and the Biggest Change Since Welcoming Cruz

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Brittany Cartwright Addresses Potential Return to RealityTV, Shares What Made Marriage to Jax "Stronger," and the Biggest Change Since Welcoming Cruz

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Brittany Cartwright isn’t against rejoining Vanderpump Rules for an upcoming season — or any other reality television series for that matter.

During a recent interview, Brittany offered an update on her marriage to Jax Taylor, explained what made them stronger, and revealed the biggest change they’ve seen in their lives since welcoming their two-year-old son Cruz in April 2021.

“I feel like everything’s changed but it also feels like he was never not here. It’s the weirdest feeling ever,” Brittany explained during a recent interview with Access Hollywood. “We just have so much love in our house, and we’re just so obsessed with him. It’s just the best feeling ever, becoming a mom.”

According to Brittany, who, along with Jax, left Pump Rules in December 2020, everything she and Jax do these days revolves around Cruz’s schedule.

“Giving him breakfast, giving him lunch, giving him dinner, putting him to sleep, bath time, this, that, learning, it’s crazy, but it’s so much fun,” she gushed. “Best thing I’ve ever done, 100 percent.”

Brittany also enjoys watching Jax as a dad.

“It makes me love him even more,” she admitted. “[He’s] so hands-on, so incredible. Does everything I do. He does all the diapers and the feelings … We’re very 50/50 … He’s just been the most incredible father. And you can just tell how much he loves him. It’s so cute to see.”

And whenever Brittany has questions about parenting, she has plenty of former co-stars to go to for advice, including Scheana Shay and Lala Kent, who also have two-year-olds.

“Our kids, they love each other so much. It’s been great to go through these things and have people to talk to. If anything was like, wrong, or I’m nervous about anything, I go to them, and they can talk to me about their experience with it or if they haven’t or what they think I should do. [And] Same with me,” she explained. “They’ll ask me questions so we’re always there for each other.”

Brittany really felt the love earlier this year when she was suddenly hospitalized with a mysterious illness.

“I had to go to the ER randomly a couple months ago, and Jax was off working on a project, so I didn’t know what to do with Cruz, [and] all my friends showed up to my house,” she recalled. “They all came over like immediately and watched him when I was gone and that just meant the world to me, like, they just dropped everything and came to my house and, like, played with Cruz and had all the babies together for like two whole days.”

“Having that support has been absolutely amazing,” she added.

Later this month, Brittany and Jax will celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary. And when asked about what has kept them together, Brittany revealed becoming parents has made them stronger.

“It can be hard whenever you have a baby, cuz a lot of people, including Jax and I, you can put your relationship on the back-burner for a while, and we definitely had to go through that, and I think it just took some to find somebody here that we trusted that could watch the baby so that we could still have our date nights and do things out together,” she shared. “And I think it’s also important, cuz we’re together so much, for you to have your alone time, like his nights with his guys, my night with my girls, so you can feel like you miss each other.”

Also, she continued, “I feel like he’s grown so much after becoming a father, and I’ve grown so much after becoming a mother, and that’s really just made us stronger together.”

As for returning to reality TV, Brittany said she and Jax “could.”

“If it was right for our family, definitely,” she confirmed. “Now we have Cruz to think about, so that’s the only issue. But for our marriage, it was good to have that little break for a while so we could really connect and focus on the first couple years of being parents. It was kinda a nice break not to have to deal with all that in postpartum and my weight gain and different things like that on camera, so I’m actually very relieved for that part.”

“[But] definitely if it’s the right fit for us and our family, we are definitely open,” she stated.