RHOA Star Sanya Richards-Ross Shares Alleged Text From Ralph as Drew Sidora Shares an Update on $1K Lawsuit, & Accuses Plaintiff of Extortion and Defamation, Plus Sheree Speaks

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RHOA Star Sanya Richards-Ross Shares Alleged Text From Ralph as Drew Sidora Shares an Update on $1K Lawsuit, & Accuses Plaintiff of Extortion and Defamation, Plus Sheree Speaks

Drew Sidora is speaking out about a $1,000 lawsuit filed against her amid filming on the 15th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta months ago as Sanya Richards-Ross is sharing the alleged text sent by Ralph.

As her co-stars also weigh in on the matter, with Sheree Whitfield stating that Drew should’ve paid the woman who came to her house and cooked and cleaned for her family, Drew accused the plaintiff of extortion and confirmed where the case stands today as Sanya Richards-Ross shared the shady message Drew’s now-estranged husband, Ralph Pittman Jr., allegedly sent to her amid their money dispute.

“I heard that Ralph wrote back and told them something like, ‘Well consider it time well spent with the Pittmans,’” Sanya shared on the July 16 episode of the RHOA: After Show.

“I can see Ralph saying that, though,” Marlo Hampton replied.

But regardless of whether or not Ralph made the statement, Sanya felt the woman should not have gone unpaid.

“Somebody come and provide a service, you pay them, unless they come under the pretense that it’s gonna be unpaid,” she stated.

And Sheree agreed, saying, “This lady came over and did a service for you, cooking, doing laundry, babysitting, that’s worth way more than $1,000.”

“With your kids cooking,” added Marlo.

And Kandi Burruss also thought Drew should have paid the woman, but mainly because of the costly fees that are accrued amid a lawsuit.

“I felt like she should’ve just paid it and stopped wasting her time… [Because] what ends up happening, a lot of people sue you to settle, they don’t sue you to win. So basically you spend all this money in your own lawyer fees fighting the lawsuit that really you could’ve been just like paid them to go away,” Kandi explained.

Speaking of why the lawsuit came about, Kenya Moore suggested Drew has “way too many people in her circle.”

“It’s so many thirsty people out here and it’s so many people that want to attach themselves to a celebrity and I just think Drew has allowed too many people in her home, in her sanctuary and she’s paying the price for that,” she shared.

As for Drew, she looked back on the legal ordeal in her own RHOA: After Show segment, revealing that while she represented herself, she did get advice from an attorney.

“I had to represent myself because when everything happened, I did not have a lawyer on file so I had to speak in the courtroom on my behalf, speak to the facts,” she recalled. “I see what [Kandi’s] saying, I do, but it was like, we gave her money. Ralph had given her money and then gave her a little more and it was like, this price keeps going up. By the time we made it to court, it was $10,000, and I just felt like she was trying to extort.”

According to Drew, she was further impacted by the situation due to the fact that the woman suing her was her assistant’s friend of 20 years.

“It was a very simple case. It was full of lies and because the number [kept going] up, it was like, ‘Lady, you’re not gonna do this. You’re not gonna just defame me, and you’re not gonna drag me and you’re not gonna lie and you’re not gonna extort,'” Drew proclaimed. “Those type of people you have to teach a lesson and now she’s been taught.”

Drew also confirmed the case has been dismissed.

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