RHOC’s Gina Kirschenheiter Shares Travis’ Reaction to Tamra’s Diss, If Shannon Apologized for CPS Dig, and Who She’s In Touch With, Plus If She “Projected” Onto Jen

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RHOC's Gina Kirschenheiter Shares Travis' Reaction to Tamra's Diss, If Shannon Apologized for CPS Dig, and Who She's Intouch With, Plus If She "Projected" Onto Jen

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Gina Kirschenheiter shared boyfriend Travis Mullen‘s reaction to Tamra Judge‘s diss on Wednesday’s episode of Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live.

As she appeared alongside her Real Housewives of Orange County castmate, Emily Simpson, 47, Gina, 39, commented on Tamra’s shade, Shannon Beador‘s cruel “CPS” dig, and the comments Heather Dubrow, 54, made about John Janssen while also reacting to claims of “projecting onto Jennifer Pedranti,” 46, and sharing her thoughts on Thursday’s reunion taping.

“We’re ready. I’m bringing my popcorn and my tacos, and my turkey sub,” Emily declared on the September 6 episode of the WWHL: After Show.

And Gina agreed, saying, “I’m ready,” before making it clear she’ll be coming for Shannon.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Shannon because I’m going to say everything that I have to say there. It’s gonna be a day,” she teased.

Not only has Gina been feuding with Shannon on RHOC, but she’s also been going back and forth with her castmate on social media. And during the live broadcast of WWHL, she looked back on the post she made in which she called Shannon out, jokingly, for wearing a skirt she’d previously been seen in.

“It was a joke and I felt like I put it out there as a joke and then she made it something it wasn’t and vicious and clearly she has something against me,” Gina said of their online drama. “She’s been attacking me for six years now and I’m over it.”

In her most offensive attack on Gina, Shannon suggested that if it weren’t for her, Gina’s kids would’ve been taken from her by Child Protective Services (CPS) after her DUI. And at a later moment, Tamra suggested she’d forgotten about the shade.

“To be honest I really think that they were sufficiently lit up and I do not think that they remember. Tamra seemed very surprised when I asked her about it,” Gina admitted of the incident.

And when asked if the two of them had spoken since, Gina confirmed she and Tamra hadn’t been in touch.

“No, actually, no. I’ve only talked to Emily and Heather,” Gina explained.

Although Gina was accused of projecting her past with ex-husband Matt Kirschenheiter onto newbie Jennifer, whose relationship with boyfriend Ryan Boyajian began in the midst of her divorce from William Pedranti, Gina told a virtual audience member on WWHL that she doesn’t feel she did so.

“I feel like I had a reaction, obviously, to something that had [happened] in the past and there were things that were upsetting about it but Jen and I really, the whole way through were pretty respectful and understanding and worked it out I feel like together,” she revealed. “It wasn’t like I was going after her in any way. I was just reacting to what was happening.”

Also speaking of her past, Gina reacted to a question, asking her to name one way that Matt was a better partner than Travis.

“Well he was the only one that could genetically be the father of my children,” she replied.

Then, after refusing to say three nice things about Shannon, Gina said it was Heather who first brought up Shannon’s drama with John.

“She talked about it in front of production, and so then they got wind of it and it became a thing,” Gina revealed.

As for whether or not Shannon apologized for her CPS diss, Gina confirmed she has not.

“She’s not and I was shocked by that, honestly,” Gina noted. “I was shocked when I saw it and I was even more shocked that there was no attempt to contact me and apologize.”

Gina then addressed Travis’ reaction to what Tamra said about his penis.

During last week’s episode, Tamra mentioned that Shannon had made some comments disparaging the size of Travis’ penis.

“Obviously nobody wants to hear that but it’s so ridiculous and it’s such an obvious attempt to once again distract from whatever Shannon doesn’t want to talk about it. So he doesn’t care. He’s over it. He knows their games,” Gina reasoned.

Plus, added Emily, “He has big feet.”

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