Jennifer Pedranti Shares What She Wishes Was Shown on RHOC, Regret, & What Was “So Hard” to Watch, Plus Ryan Discusses His Ex-Wife, as Tamra Seemingly Takes Credit for Saving Show

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RHOC's Jennifer Pedranti on What Was "So Hard" to Watch, What She Wishes Was Seen, and Regret, Plus Ryan Talks Ex-Wife and Tamra Seemingly Takes Credit for Saving Show

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Jennifer Pedranti hosted a Q&A on her Instagram Story amid Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, where she opened up about her first season on the Bravo reality show.

As her relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, continued to be targeted, Jennifer, 46, revealed what was hard to watch and what she wished was featured on season 17 as Ryan addressed his relationship with his ex-wife and Tamra Judge, 56, seemingly took credit for the series not being canceled.

Following the latest episode of RHOC, Tamra took to her Instagram Story, where she shared an X post from a fan, who applauded her messiness.

“Y’all can keep bitching about Tamra but had we not had her all this messy season wouldn’t have happened and the show probably would’ve gotten the boot. So shut up and be thankful we had a 10/10 season. Some of you act like you’ve never watched her on the show before,” the person wrote.

And in response, Tamra offered a “thank you” and said she’s had “this mouth the entire sixteen years [she’s] been on television.”

Tamra Judge Suggests She Saved RHOC From Cancelation

Meanwhile, on her own Instagram Story, Jennifer was questioned about her family.

“How many kids y’all have?” someone asked.

“A LOT,” Jennifer replied. “We have [seven] between the two of us! [Nineteen] down to [nine].”

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti Reveals She and Ryan Have Seven Total Kids

Another person wondered how long Ryan was married to his former wife.

“How long was Ryan married the first time? Did they start dating at 13?” they wrote.

“Hey This Is Ryan — YES,” he responded on Jennifer’s account. “I was 13 when I met my X-Wife. I was married for 17 years. And. I’m Grateful as we are amazing co-parents.”

RHOC Ryan Boyajian on First Marriage and Ex-Wife

A third fan wanted to know if Jennifer regrets joining the show.

“ZERO regret! So much growth for me!” she confirmed.

Jennifer Pedranti on If She Regrets Joining RHOC

As for what Jennifer wished producers would’ve included in the season, she told someone else that she would have appreciated more of her romance with Ryan being featured.

“What do you wish the show would have showcased about your relationship?” a curious follower asked.

“The reality and depth of US.” Jennifer replied.

Jennifer Pedranti on What She Wishes Was Shown on RHOC

In another post, Jennifer was asked, “Are you going to start standing up for yourself more? We need that Jennifer!”

And in response, Jennifer admitted it was hard watching herself not be more vocal.

“Trust me… watching it back was SO hard! I hear you,” she responded.

Jennifer Pedranti on Standing Up for Herself More on RHOC

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.