PHOTOS: RHOC’s Shannon Beador Hides “Bruised” Face After DUI as Insider Claims She and John Were “Loudly Arguing” Before Arrest, Plus Will She Do Jail Time?

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

'RHOC' star Shannon Beador was seen attempting to hide her bruised face from photographers on Wednesday after being arrested for DUI.

Shannon Beador was seen attempting to shield her face from photographers on Wednesday following her DUI and hit-and-run arrest on Saturday.

As the 59-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star does her best to keep her injuries, including a reported broken arm, under wraps, an insider has revealed that she and ex-boyfriend John Janssen were allegedly arguing before the wreck, and an attorney has shed light on the potential consequences she’ll be dealt.

“If you’re dealing with a first-time DUI and you enter into a plea, usually you’re not going to get any jail time,” attorney Neama Rahmani told Us Weekly on September 19. “What will happen is you’re going to have to do some classes, some Alcoholics Anonymous, maybe, some Mothers Against Drunk Driving classes. You may even have to have an interlock ignition device installed on your car, which means you have to blow into it for your car to start.”

Because Shannon does not have prior DUI charges, she won’t face “significant jail time,” but rather “hefty fines and penalties” and possibly probation.

The attorney went on to say that taking a proactive approach is a “good strategy.” And according to recent reports, Shannon is not only looking into counseling but also rehab.

“Judges look for people that are voluntarily getting treatment, getting into rehab if they have an alcohol or substance abuse problem,” he said. “So, that’s something that good defense lawyers present to the judge and say, ‘Look, your honor, my client is taking this seriously. She’s already getting the help that she needs.’”

As for whether her role on RHOC could be taken into consideration, Neama said that comments relating to alcohol won’t be relevant — unless they pertain to driving while intoxicated.

“You really need that nexus to driving or some other unsafe conduct,” he explained. “So, if there’s something in the show that talks about her potentially getting behind the wheel, that’s absolutely something that could be used against her.”

While Shannon has stayed mum on the events of Saturday night, an insider claims her arrest followed “a night gone wrong” with John.

According to a September 20 report from Radar Online, John’s neighbors heard Shannon “loudly arguing” with John, who lives near the crash site, before her arrest.

Earlier in the day, Shannon was drinking and letting loose with pals at A Restaurant in Newport Beach while John was with his friends about four miles away at The Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar.

In photos shared by Page Six on September 20, Shannon and John were seen together on Wednesday at an apartment in Newport Beach, where Shannon tried to shield a bruise on her face with a pair of sunglasses and hair.

As she walked with her head down, wearing a black top and blue button down, and seemingly sporting a cut above her eye, John and another man were situated in front of her.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 finale airs next Wednesday, September 27, at 8/7c on Bravo.