Emily Simpson Reveals Text She Got About Husband Shane ‘Cheating,’ Why She’s a “Sh*t-Stirrer” on RHOC and Alludes to Vicki’s Lawsuit Against Bravo Amid Nene’s Claims, Plus Bethenny’s Salary Complaints & Live Viewing Thread

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RHOC's Emily Simpson on Text She Got About Shane 'Cheating,' Why She's a "Sh*t-Stirrer," and Vicki's Lawsuit Against Bravo, Plus Bethenny's Salary Complaints

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Emily Simpson recently received a text message from someone claiming to have video evidence of her husband, Shane Simpson, cheating.

While appearing on Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast earlier this week, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 47, shared details about the text as she explained why it is important for her to be a “sh*t stirrer” on the show, looked back on Vicki Gunvalson‘s lawsuit against Bravo, and reacted to Bethenny Frankel‘s complaints about her low salary for The Real Housewives of New York City season one.

After stating that Bethenny, 52, had complained about being paid just $7,200 for her first season with the franchise, Emily said, “That’s what happens when you start a show.”

“You don’t know if it’s gonna take off. There isn’t a big budget,” she said on the October 2 episode of Two Ts in a Pod. “Clearly, you’re not making millions of dollars because everybody’s gambling on a new show.”

“Obviously, it paid off in the end because they talk about what they were making towards the end. They were making millions. Millions,” Emily continued.

Emily and Teddi, 42, also discussed Bethenny’s podcast interview with Nene Leakes, 55. Emily pointed out that Vicki, despite having filed a lawsuit against the network and Kelly Dodd, 48, due to comments she made amid production, was not blacklisted by Bravo as Nene claimed to be.

“[Vicki won the] Housewife of the Year or Century Award. She’s also been on two [Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip seasons], she’s also showing up on [RHOC] and filming so if it strictly comes down to she was blacklisted because she’s litigious or she filed something… So did Vicki Gunvalson,” Emily noted. “I remember because it was an issue going into the reunion and I think she had to dismiss it so she could film the reunion.”

The ladies then responded to claims of being “sh*t-stirrers.”

“What Housewife isn’t a sh*t-stirrer, though?” Emily wondered. “I hate it when people call Housewives sh*t-stirrers. You only have four months to film a show. The story has to go forward. You literally have to talk about things on camera that other people have told you. There would be no story and no Housewives if we weren’t doing that.”

Moving on to the text she received about Shane, Emily said she does not know where it came from.

“I got a text message yesterday that someone said my husband’s cheating on me. It’s an Orange County number … and it said ‘I just want you to know that your husband is having an affair with my wife,’” Emily revealed. “And I actually showed it to Shane because I know one hundred million percent that my husband is not cheating on me. People track him for me. I get DMs all day telling me where he is. Every time he’s at In-n-Out I know. He can’t go anywhere.”

But that wasn’t the end of it.

“Then they sent a text and said, ‘I have evidence. I have video of it. Would you like to see it?’ So I said, ‘Yes. Please send it,’” Emily recalled. “[But] they didn’t send anything and then they just texted me again and said, ‘Do you think that we should go meet with a lawyer?’”

“It’s clearly someone trying to mess with us. Shane’s like, ‘What if it’s some AI thing? He’s like I don’t know what they did with my image,'” Emily added.

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