Jennifer Pedranti Reveals Off-Camera Interaction With Tamra Judge at RHOC Reunion, & Slams Denial of “Close” Friendship, Plus She Calls Out Phony Antics, and Demands She Delete Ryan’s Pic

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RHOC's Jennifer Pedranti Reacts to Tamra Denying Role in Casting and "Close" Friendship, Calls Out Phony Reunion Antics, and Demands She Delete Ryan's Pic

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Jennifer Pedranti took aim at Tamra Judge in a series of Instagram Story posts on Wednesday night after the airing of part one of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

After Tamra, 56, agreed with a fan on Twitter, who said that if she were in charge of casting, she would’ve chosen Vicki Gunvalson, 61, not Jennifer, and denied they were “close” when Jennifer was cast, Jennifer, 46, clapped back while accusing Tamra of phony behavior at the reunion and demanding she delete the photo she has of her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian.

“Please delete my man’s private picture off your phone.. I know he’s hot AF but that was for me. Not you,” Jennifer stated on October 4, along with a “Thank you” message and hot dog art.

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti Tells Tamra to Delete Ryan's Pic From Her Phone

Following a feud on part one of the RHOC reunion, which featured discussions about Ryan’s alleged cheating, his d*ck pic, and her friendship with Tamra, Jennifer reacted to Tamra’s response to the fan tweet.

“Jen saying to Tamra ‘why did you bring me on as your friend?’ as if she’s in charge of hiring and firing on RHOC, don’t you think she would’ve brought Vicki instead? Lol,” the fan had written.

“Exactly,” Tamra agreed. “How could I bring on somebody when I didn’t even know I was returning to [RHOC]? On top of that — we weren’t even close for over a year when she got cast.”

Jennifer Pedranti Reacts to Tamra Denying She Had Her Cast on RHOCAfter seeing the tweets, Jennifer offered a response of her own, which she shared on her Instagram Story.

“Wait- is this you Tamra or Caeden?” she began. “I noticed you unfollowed me again. I’m confused.”

According to Jennifer, Tamra actually tried to make nice with her both before and after the taping of the reunion special.

“You pinched my a** before we even walked into reunion, we were lined up outside to go in and film when I turned around you told me I looked beautiful and you loved me.. Then RIGHT after we wrapped reunion you came right up to me again crying out in front [of] the trailers.. ‘I love you. I miss you. I want to make this right, I’ll talk to Ryan,'” she revealed.

“Now.. here we go again,” Jennifer continued. “You say we were not friends, and you choose [Vicki Gunvalson].. we WERE friends and talked A LOT in casting.. You told me to tell them how close Ryan and [Eddie Judge] were.. we talked about the cast.. you told me about the meeting at your house.. I could remind you of more but what’s the point. I WAS YOUR FRIEND.. and a damn good one. You clearly can’t decide if you were my friend. And that’s okay, if that’s the way it is.. so be it.”

Also with her post, Jennifer included a stern warning, which read, in part, “LEAVE ME [and] my relationship ALONE. You don’t like me.. FINE! I’ve taken enough BS. It’s mean, it hurts.. trust me I got it. We were NOT friends.”

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti Calls Out Tamra's Fake Reunion Behavior

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 reunion concludes next Wednesday, October 11, at 8/7c on Bravo.