RHOC’s Jennifer Pedranti Shares Why Divorce is Being Held Up & Update With Ex, Plus Regrets on Show as She Addresses Claims of Wearing Knockoffs by Tamra, & If She Can Trust Tamra Again

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RHOC's Jennifer Pedranti Shares Why Divorce is Being Help Up & Update With Ex, Plus Regrets on Show as She Addresses Claims of Wearing Knockoffs by Tamra, & If She Can Trust Tamra Again

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Jennifer Pedranti is speaking out about her “frustrating” divorce from William Pedranti, the accusation of wearing designer knockoffs, and Ryan Boyajian‘s absence from the Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 reunion.

While looking back at the drama of the season, much of which had to do with Tamra Judge, 56, and her allegations against Ryan, Jennifer, 46, spoke of her regrets with Heather Dubrow, 54, season 18, and opened up about the current state of her relationship with her estranged husband.

“I don’t know what the problem is,” Jennifer admitted during an October 4 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Will has completely moved on, in a beautiful relationship. I don’t know what the holdup is. It makes zero sense to me. He wants to do it where we’re on the up and up, no fighting, yet documents just never get turned in. So, it’s like a forever holding pattern.”

As she continues to share a home with Will, who lives in Oklahoma the majority of the time, Jennifer said they’re working to raise their five children, including Harrison, 18, Dawson, 15, Greyson, 13, Everleigh, 11, and Dominic, 8, as co-parents.

“That’s where we are at; it’s co-parenting, it’s 100 percent kids, and I don’t know if it’s my personality, I wish I could move it more towards a friendship,” she noted. “I miss the friendship. You are with this person for so long, we have these five amazing kids together, but Will will come in — it’s logistics, you know? I go out, and then that’s kind of it.”

According to Jennifer, William isn’t a huge fan of RHOC.

“He does feel a type of way about it,” she shared. “He is very private — very, very private — and does not want any negativity his way at all, and his girlfriend is the same. They are very religious, they are very private, they want to protect their image very much, but … I am kind of like, if you are ready to move on and be married to someone else, then let’s finalize this.”

After being called out by Tamra for changing, Jennifer confessed that her life is much different these days.

“In my marriage, truly, my ex-husband and I were home with kids and foster kids and foster animals, or I took a yoga class, or I went to my studio. That’s it,” she revealed. “I mean, an outing was Target. Now, I’m in this relationship and I travel, and we go to concerts and we have lots of friends that we have dinners with, so she’s not wrong. I have changed.”

As for Tamra’s claim that she rocks knock-off designer items, Jennifer said she’s owning “every bit of it.”

“Through the years, have I gone to parties or whatever and bought a purse or a wallet or something? I have, and I don’t really care. I’m not trying to offend anybody, it’s material things. If I liked it, I bought it.”

That said, she did not agree with Tamra flipping on her and suggesting she was a cheater.

Look in the mirror,” Jennifer fired back, signaling to the start of Tamra’s relationship with Eddie Judge, a former friend of her ex-husband, Simon Barney. “I mean, don’t do that to me and then take up for me in the same token. Like, ‘Oh I did it, too…’ but then flip it and throw it in my face.”

At the moment, Jennifer said she’s “not ready” to trust Tamra again.

“I am a super forgiving person, and I have said, Tamra may have had to come back with a performance. I don’t know. I don’t know the pressure that was on her, but I would love a conversation about that and an honest apology goes a long way with me,” she stated.

With RHOC season 18 looming, Jennifer says she wants to make her “own history.”

“Sometimes you feel like you come in and you’re the newbie and you really have nothing to contribute to the conversation, because they’ve done this together, they have friendships and years together and stories,” she explained. “So I’m looking forward to my history with them.”

She’s also looking forward to showcasing her new friendship with Heather, which she didn’t pursue amid season 17.

After noting that she felt Heather gave Tamra “all her bullets,” Jennifer blamed Tamra for her and Heather’s disconnect.

“I viewed it as, oh, she’s above, she’s better than, she has no need for somebody like me,” she admitted. “Let me tell you, where I sit today, I wish I would’ve been a better friend to Heather.”

In addition to her regrets about not establishing a friendship with Heather, Jennifer said she wished she would have stood up more for her boyfriend.

“I knew the relationship I was in … I wish I was more steadfast,” she noted.

As for why Ryan didn’t attend the reunion, she added that after some “back and forth,” they decided it wouldn’t be in his best interest.

“There was a part of me that was like, ‘Go! I am tired of speaking on your behalf,’ and when it came down to it, he said that, ‘I am going to sit there, Jenn, and Tamra is going to fire at me all the things, and if I stand up for myself … I am either going to look like an a**hole that everybody views me to be, to speak to a woman for standing up for myself,’ or he just thought, this is a no-win situation,” she revealed.

“Coming out of reunion, I just hope that people know I just tried to stay true to who I am,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 reunion concludes next Wednesday, October 11, at 8/7c on Bravo.