RHONY’s Jenna Lyons Addresses Engagement Rumors, Sai and Brynn Fight Over Ubah’s Secret Boyfriend, and Pavit Calling Sai a “B*tch,” Plus Biggest Regret, Rose & Thorn, Brynn’s Flirting, and Flight Drama

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RHONY's Jenna Lyons Addresses Engagement Rumors, Sai and Brynn Fight Over Ubah's Secret Boyfriend, and Pavit Calling Sai a "B*tch," Plus Biggest Regret, Rose & Thorn, Brynn's Flirting, and Flight Drama

Jenna Lyons was questioned about her potential engagement to girlfriend Cass Bird on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

As she also reacted to the drama surrounding Ubah Hassan‘s secret boyfriend and Pavit Randhawa‘s statements against Sai De Silva, 42, Jenna, 55, shared her rose and thorn of her debut season on the Real Housewives of New York City, responded to the flirty behavior of Brynn Whitfield, 36, and revealed her biggest regret of season 14.

“I think the one thing that I wish I hadn’t said, which I realized had a deeper meaning to someone, I said to Ubah that I was taking sides with [Erin Lichy] in the moment, and I think it felt not great for her and she felt like I was not seeing her and taking sides, and I didn’t, I felt badly because it really I think hurt her and I never want to hurt her,” Jenna explained on the WWHL: After Show, giving a nod to the prank drama between her castmates.

Then, after being asked what her 17-year-old son, Beckett Mazeau, thinks of the show, Jenna confirmed that while he doesn’t watch, he “does like it.”

“This morning we were… getting breakfast and someone came over and said, ‘Oh, we’re huge fans.’ And he stands up, he’s like, ‘I’m her son,’” she shared. “He was barely in it, intentionally, and I think I wanted to protect him from that cuz even, there’s one moment where he’s like, ‘Ugh, Mom, I hated my hair in that scene,’ I’m like, ‘I get it. I hated my hair too.’”

In addition to focusing on her lash business in the coming months, Jenna said she and Beckett will soon begin looking at colleges.

“My son is getting ready to go to college so we’re starting that. He wants to be an engineer and a friend of mine had a really good suggestion of just applying to every school and then only visiting the ones he gets into, which I think is what we’re gonna do,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, on the live broadcast of WWHL, Jenna shared her rose and thorn.

“I would say the rose, the best moment I had was when everyone was swimming in the pool. And then we did something that did not make it into the show. We actually did a total improv and I think the tape got lost, but it was the funniest thing we’ve ever done,” she explained. “We had the best time and I’m so sad it did not happen.”

As for the thorn, Jenna joked, “I mean, the whole show.”

“No,” she continued. “I think realizing how hard it was. I really thought I was gonna have an easier time. It was hard. It’s shocking how when you have cameras on you, I thought I could handle it and I cried…”

One of Jenna’s most drama-filled moments involved Erin, who told the ladies that she wouldn’t be flying with them to their cast trip to Anguilla.

“I couldn’t believe it got so much chatter and attention,” Jenna admitted of the topic. “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I wanted to go early. I didn’t think anyone would care. I still don’t know if they really care, I think it was just something to b*tch at me about.”

While Jenna didn’t appreciate Erin’s portrayal of the situation, she didn’t mind Brynn’s flirting.

“Have you looked at her?” she asked host Andy Cohen, 55.

During the finale episode of RHONY, Pavit doubled down on saying Sai was a “b*tch,” which Jenna didn’t appreciate.

“I don’t think anyone should ever call anyone a bitch,” she noted.

Also in the finale, Ubah’s secret boyfriend prompted drama between Sai and Brynn.

“There’s no correct in any of this. What I think happens is everyone has their own side of the story and their own perspective. I truly honor and respect Ubah’s desire to keep her life private as I have wanted to as well because that’s not about her,” Jenna reflected. “That’s about someone else and to me, the privacy, it’s one thing, I can do what I want. I’m on the show. I made that decision but the person who’s dating Ubah did not and I think that she’s allowed to keep that private.”

That said, Jenna did feel that Sai breached Ubah’s trust.

“Sai did… I think she did and I think she fully admits that,” Jenna noted.

Also on the show, Jenna remained tight-lipped in regard to her status with Cass.

“I just really, so basically, here’s the story, my girlfriend, who I adore, kept telling me I had to button my shirt. I said, ‘If you want to button my shirt, you have to put a ring on it.’ We’re just really happy and she gave me the ring that I wanted. I am very happy,” she stated.

The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 reunion begins airing next Sunday, October 22, at 9/8c on Bravo.