PHOTOS: RHOC Alum Shane Keough Welcomes 1st Child With Wife Francheska, See Pics of the Baby Girl as Her Name is Revealed in a Sweet Tribute

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PHOTOS: RHOC Alum Shane Keough Welcomes 1st Child With Wife Francheska, See Pics of the Baby Girl as Her Name is Revealed in a Sweet Tribute

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Shane Keough and wife Francheska Perez have welcomed their first child together.

Just under a year after the former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member and son of original housewife Jeana Keough tied the knot with his now-wife while surrounded by family, including brother Colton Keough and sister Kara Keough-Bosworth, Shane took to his Instagram page to share his and Francheska’s exciting news — and some photos.

“They say time flies, but your mother [Francheska Perez-Keough] and I counted every one of those (248) days from the morning we found out she was pregnant to the day you were born 10/07/2023 @ 6:18pm, one week early to the day of your due date. Nothing could have prepared us for the moment when you were laid on your mother’s chest after she labored for nearly (12) hours and gave birth to you with nothing more than some counterpressure from me, and Aunty [Kara Keough-Bosworth] during contractions,” Shane began on October 14.

RHOC Shane Keough and Wife Francheska Welcome Baby Girl

All the nieces and nephews in the world could only prepare us so much for the overwhelming emotions and relief of hearing your first cry and seeing you open your eyes to the sound of your mother’s voice,” he continued. “We are so lucky to have you here with us, and you are so lucky to have the mother you do and the overwhelming love of family around you. It doesn’t feel that long ago when the world felt unfair and unpredictable to the point where I never thought I would have the opportunity to feel this joy and this type of love. The world works in mysterious ways, but at the same time, it’s pretty predictable when you let the right people into your life, and you have the luxury of leaning on loved ones who physically go out into the world looking for the best for you.”

Shane went on to mention tragedy, although he didn’t get into detail.

“It’s crazy to think that so much tragedy had to happen for this amazing opportunity to grow into this perfect 6 lbs. 5 oz. Angel. You are worth every hospital pull-out couch, every dirty diaper, every less hour of sleep, and I know your mother, and I will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure you experience life in all its glory and that you have a team of support when times get tough,” he shared. “Welcome to the world, McKay Lourdes Keough. A week down and a lifetime still to come with you, baby girl.”

RHOC Shane Keough Baby Girl

As RHOC fans may recall, Francheska revealed she and Shane first met at the gym ahead of their December 2022 wedding on The Knot.

“Half way through the workout, [Jeana] came up to the station I was at and started to ask personal questions. These question involved are you single? And are you a nurse? The single question was a hesitation at the time but for Jeana that meant yes I was single. Then it ended with you need to meet my son he is a realtor, you would love him,” she shared.