Craig Conover on if Raquel Leviss ‘Flirted’ With Him, Moving to NYC for Paige, and What Annoys Him About Southern Charm Costars, Plus “Self-Destructive” Austen, Olivia’s Brother’s Death, and Taylor’s Boyfriend

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Craig Conover on if Raquel Leviss 'Flirted' With Him, Moving to NYC for Paige, and What Annoys Him About Southern Charm Costars, Plus "Self-Destructive" Austen, Olivia's Brother's Death, and Taylor's Boyfriend

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Craig Conover appeared on Thursday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where he reacted to Paige DeSorbo‘s claims of Raquel Leviss having flirted with him at Hannah Berner‘s wedding.

Craig, 34, discussed moving to New York City for Paige, 30, shared what annoys him about each of his Southern Charm castmates, and reacted to Olivia Flowers‘ reception of Austen Kroll, 36, after her brother Connor’s death. He also revealed if he’s met Taylor Ann Green‘s new boyfriend and offered an update on where he stands with Leva Bonaparte, 44.

“We’re fine,” Craig confirmed of himself and Leva on the October 19 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “Republic is right across the street from my store. I’m working on not having enemies in life. It’s exhausting. But Charleston, you see how much we run into exes, you run into your enemies even more, and it’s just awkward, and I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t walk into her bar, so last year I went in and had a drink and we made up. But we’ve known each other for a decade so similar [to] me and Madison, we’ve had some bad arguments but we’re okay.”

As for whether he’s met Taylor’s new man, Gaston, Craig said he doesn’t believe he has on the live broadcast of WWHL.

“I have not that I’m aware of. I’m friends with TJ, his roommate so I might have met him. But I would remember meeting a guy with a Beauty and the Beast name. It’s Gaston … I don’t think I’ve met him,” he noted.

Although Craig was disappointed to hear about Austen’s makeout (at least) with Taylor, 28, the ex-girlfriend of friend and co-star Shep Rose, 43, he told host Andy Cohen, 55, that Austen has taken steps to get on a healthier path.

“To his credit, he’s been seeing the therapist for a while now. He doesn’t want to be like he is,” Craig stated. “I swear, I mean, he continues to shoot himself in the foot but he does not want to be like that.”

Craig then admitted that when it came to Austen and Taylor keeping their encounter under wraps for so long, he believes they did so “because they thought they were gonna get away with it.”

On the latest episode of Southern Charm, Olivia and her family were rocked by the sudden and tragic death of Connor. And while Austen, who dated Olivia last season, wanted to rush to her side, Craig kept him away for the first couple of days.

“His instinct was to run over there and he meant well. But I was like, ‘You’re not her knight in shining armor anymore. She associates you with negativity right now,’” he explained.

But ultimately, Craig said he was “happy” to see that Olivia received both Austen and Taylor, despite their betrayal.

“I think at that point the perspective just changes and she’s like ‘I need my friends now, and then I’ll go back to being mad at you,’” he reasoned.

Then, during a game in which he was asked to reveal what annoys him about his co-stars, Craig said Austen is “the most self-destructive person I’ve ever met,” and he noted that he has to cover for Shep “more than anyone in [his] entire life.”

Moving on to the women, Craig said Madison LeCroy, 33, “is a sh*t-stirrer,” which is “entertaining” when it doesn’t involve him before taking aim at Taylor.

“Taylor’s just gotta, it’s taken her a little longer than I thought to climb her way out of her hole,” he explained. “It’s okay to mess up, get yourself in sh*tty situations, but it’s time to stop screwing up. It’s time to stop burning bridges and just come back onto the nice side of things.”

Later, after telling Andy, “I’m down,” to move north, and clarifying that he’ll “make it work” with Paige, Craig commented on Paige’s flirting allegations against Raquel, 29.

“I didn’t pick up on it if she was and that’s what the whole thing was. I think the girls were watching from afar, and I was cluelessly just talking to everyone,” he revealed.

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