RHOP’s Ashley Darby on Who She Didn’t Like at BravoCon, & Not Believing Juan’s Story, Plus She Shares Updates on Divorce, Candiace, & Mia Split, and Talks Capt. Jason

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RHOP's Ashley Darby on Who She Didn't Like at BravoCon, & Not Believing Juan's Story, Plus She Shares Updates on Divorce, Candiace, & Mia Split, and Talks Capt. Jason

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Ashley Darby appeared on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live, where she candidly shared her thoughts on the BravoCon behavior of Real Housewives of Miami cast member Adriana De Moura.

As the Real Housewives of Potomac star, 35, also revealed who she hit it off with and looked back on the time she spent with Captain Jason Chambers, Ashley shaded Adriana, 57, as a “pick-me” girl, opened up about the marital drama between Robyn Dixon, 44, and Juan Dixon, 45, offered an update on her divorce from Michael Darby, and reacted to Mia Thornton‘s split from Gordon Thornton, 71.

“As far as what Mia’s saying it’s financial strain, and I think she’s saying that because she wants to protect Gordon,” Ashley shared on the November 12 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “There’s a lot more to the situation that she’s keeping to herself for her children.”

According to Ashley, who noted that Mia previously called herself a “gold digger,” Mia is “doing very well” and “living her very best life” after their split — “in Atlanta.”

On the live broadcast of WWHL, Ashley was asked about where she stands in her up-and-down friendship with Candiace Dillard-Bassett, 36.

“We’re at 70 percent life. There’s hope,” she confirmed. “It’s good. And I love what she said at BravoCon: She said our love language is arguing. And I think that’s very accurate.”

Plus, Ashley and Candiace have similar party styles.

“One time Candiace and I… we didn’t get home til 6 am. We were at a house party with [designer] Telfar til 6 am. Yes. What a time,” she recalled.

Offering a divorce update, Ashley said, “I’m still in the process but my name is still the only name on the deed, which really is what matters … There’s financial stuff but my name’s on the deed. It’s my house.”

Ashley then played a game with host Andy Cohen, 55, in which he asked her questions about Robyn and Juan, starting with whether she believes he simply paid for his rumored mistress‘s hotel room but was never physical with her.

“I don’t believe that and I’ve told Robyn that, very clearly, there’s more to the story, but I think Robyn told us what she believes,” Ashley noted. “[But] as she said, she believes Juan and he wouldn’t lie about this…”

When Andy wanted to know why Robyn doesn’t show much emotion in regard to the topic, Ashley suspected, “I think Robyn operates a little bit on autopilot because she feels like she’s been under so much speculation and so much attack so she has this ‘I don’t give a…’ all the time.”

As for how reasonable Gizelle was being in hosting an intervention for Robyn, Ashley admitted their group discussion “was the most progressive conversation we have ever had on that show.”

“I feel like we actually made some progress and she heard us and she saw we didn’t want to hurt her. We were actually trying to help,” she reasoned.

While Robyn and Gizelle are still close, there has been a divide between them when it comes to the Juan topic. And according to Ashley, she understands both sides.

“I think Robyn is so immersed in it, and that is the father of her children, that’s her husband, she loves him, which I respect, and Gizelle being her friend cares about her but also maybe sees some signs that she experienced in her previous relationship,” she explained.

Moving on to her experience at BravoCon, Ashley named Jason as the person she was crushing on and confirmed they spent time together at the event.

“We had a good time dancing. He’s actually a very good dancer. He’s got the moves. He’s very sweet but we are friends,” Ashley shared, also stating that they are still in touch “as friends.”

Ashley then named Karen Huger, 60, as the RHOP cast member who had the “biggest ego” at BravoCon, saying she “was really feeling herself.” She also said she and Scheana Shay, 38, hit it off.

“Scheana is a vibe. We hung out til like 4 in the morning dancing,” she revealed.

Also on WWHL, Ashley threw some shade at Adriana, signaling to her antics with Jason.

“She didn’t necessarily do anything to me but I just felt like Adriana… I just think she became a Chiquita-Pick Me-Sha when she was talking about her rendezvous with Captain Jason … It was a bit much,” she claimed.

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