RHOM’s Lenny Hochstein Leaks Lisa Hochstein’s Alleged DMs Claiming They Prove She Cheated, Denies Abuse Allegation and Shares Pathologist Report, Plus Shades “Smear Campaign”

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RHOM's Lenny Hochstein Leaks Alleged DMs Proving Lisa Cheated, Claims Pathologist's Investigation Shows She Lied About Abuse, Plus Shades "Smear Campaign"

Lenny Hochstein leaked DMs allegedly sent between estranged wife Lisa Hochstein and one of her friends over the weekend, claiming she admitted to cheating — and bragged about it.

Along with a letter from a forensic pathologist, who reportedly investigated the supposed abuse photo shared by the Real Housewives of Miami star, 41, in November, Lenny, 57, said Lisa cheated on him way before his relationship with now-fiancée Katharina Nahlik, 28, began as he shaded her ongoing “smear campaign” against him.

“These conversations are from 2019 and occurred on [Instagram] between her and a ‘friend’ of hers who shared them with me in 2020. Both Lisa and I have been consulting with divorce attorneys since; this happened way before my now-fiancée and I ever met. Everything Lisa is accusing me and Katharina of, she is actually guilty of. It’s a classic case of projection,” Lenny explained as he leaked DMs he claimed Lisa sent.

In the messages, Lisa appeared to say she was “with a mystery man” and “cheating” before telling the friend, “I can’t wait to find my new man … my new boyfriend.”

“I’m [going] to have my first affair,” she reportedly continued, adding, “I can’t wait.”

She then allegedly added, “This p*ssy is too good and this bod is too hot … not to be used often,” before appearing to cut ties with her supposed mystery man, explaining to the friend that her “boyfriend sucks.”

“I don’t like him anymore … lol he’s poor … and greasy,” she seemingly stated.


In other posts shared to his Instagram Story, Lenny denied Lisa’s claims of abuse.

“I am opposed to all forms of violence, especially against women,” he insisted. “Domestic violence in intimate relationships is a serious issue in our society and its victims deserve protection and a safe space to speak out. Unfortunately my ex Lisa has taken it upon herself to post pictures of a self-inflicted bruise, claiming that I was responsible for it. I have retained an attorney and filed a lawsuit to protect myself against this defamation.”

In addition to filing a defamation lawsuit against Lisa, Lenny enlisted “a highly credible forensic pathologist” to investigate her bruise photo.

“[He] confirmed that Lisa did not get the bruise as a result of any alleged violent dispute,” Lenny shared.

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Denies Lisa's Claims of Physical Abuse

Lenny then posted a letter from Dr. Ronald K. Wright, a forensic, anatomic, and clinical pathologist, who revealed his assessment of the image the RHOM cast member shared.

“There are two bruises. One on the back of her hand and one on her proximal upper arm. The upper arm bruise is linear meaning whatever caused it was linear, a bat, an edge of a stair are all possible causes,” Dr. Wright wrote. “These injuries are conclusively not defense wounds. Defense wounds consist of injuries to the little finger side of the forearm. Neither of these bruises are of the little finger side of her forearm … These are not the kind of bruises seen in physical altercations or spouse abuse.”

“They are consistent with a fall into stairs,” he added.

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Shares Alleged Proof From Pathologist that Lisa Lied About Abuse

Continuing on, Lenny further denied Lisa’s claims of his own alleged infidelity.

“There is another heinous and false allegation of Lisa’s that I’d like to debunk. As evidenced in the lawsuit, there are screenshots between Lisa and a friend of hers from September and October of 2019 where she brags about cheating on me and having an affair. I didn’t learn about these very unfortunate instances until 2020, which is when both Lisa and I started consulting with divorce attorneys. Lisa was well aware and knew we were getting a divorce and already had a divorce attorney on retainer when I shared with her that I plan on asking my now-fiancée Katharina Nahlik out on a date,” he insisted.

“Despite Lisa’s ongoing smear campaign and trying to paint me in the light of a cheater and my fiancée as a ‘mistress,’ these claims are completely false,” he went on. “There was no blindside, Katharina is in no way responsible for the end of my marriage and the decision to leave Lisa. She calls Katharina a ‘homewrecker’ but the truth is that the only one who got caught cheating, having an affair and wrecked the home is Lisa. I was especially disheartened by the fact that she bragged about her ongoing affair at the time on multiple instances, such as days before our daughter [Elle] was born and on our 10 year wedding anniversary.”

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa of Bragging About Affair

In one final post, Lenny explained his decision to sue Lisa.

“My hope for this lawsuit is that the truth will prevail and her false allegations of domestic violence and her relentless smear campaign will be discredited once and for all so the real victims of domestic violence will continue to get the protection they need as well as a safe space to speak out about this very relevant topic,” he declared.

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Explains Defamation Lawsuit Against Lisa

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