Winter House’s Alex Propson Talks Danielle Olivera’s “Red Flags,” Where They Stand Today, and How She Compares to Jordan Emanuel, Plus Teases Reunion

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Winter House's Alex Propson Talks Danielle Olivera's "Red Flags," Where They Stand Today, and How She Compares to Jordan Emanuel, Plus Teases Reunion

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Alex Propson told all about his relationship with Danielle Olivera while appearing on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Just under a week after taping the Winter House season three reunion, Alex, 29, revealed the “red flags” he saw with Danielle, 34, and confirmed where they stand with one another today while also comparing her to his other flame, Jordan Emanuel, 31, and reacting to the reunion taping.

“The first one [red flag], I mean, it was the most obvious one when she was holding a knife. That was a big red flag,” Alex shared on the December 5 episode of WWHL.

But that wasn’t all. Alex also said Danielle exhibited “possessiveness” and “insecurity,” likely due to her split from Robert Sieber.

“She was coming off a breakup so there was insecurity involving that. There was insecurity in her position in the house. That was definitely a red flag. And then the amount of partying that Daniele, sometimes I’m like, ‘I can’t keep up.’ She could out-party a yacht,” Alex continued.

While he hoped to maintain a friendship with Danielle, Alex was unable, saying that they were okay after Winter House wrapped but butted heads at the reunion.

“We maintained a really good friendship until about six days ago,” he confirmed. “I came and I approached her like I always do. We’re friends, I gave her a hug and she said something under her breath and I was like, ‘What? You’re actually mad right now?’ Because the tone since we’ve left the house has been like, friends. She’s been applying some pressure outside of the house this entire time. So I thought we were in a good spot and then I came here and I was disappointed to find out [otherwise],” he revealed.

Although some have found it odd that Alex would think he and Danielle would be able to stay “just friends,” he felt he was clear with his intentions.

“That was always the goal,” he stated. “We had a conversation almost every single morning about what we were doing, how we wanted it to end, how we, like, where we saw it going and the only way I could make it happen was if I communicated clearly.”

During a game in which he was forced to choose between Danielle and Jordan, Alex revealed Jordan’s beauty “struck him the most” and said she could hold her alcohol better than Danielle. As for Danielle, Alex said she was “more charming” and made him laugh more than Jordan.

Also on WWHL, Robert teased reunion drama.

“There was some pent-up things that just had to like, explode, and they exploded. And it was a lot of fun to be part of,” he detailed.

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