Monica Garcia on if RHOSLC Costars Sent Tea to IG Troll Account, Slams Heather for Failing to Pay Her Back for Bermuda Trip, and Denies She’ll Appear on Bethenny’s Podcast

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Monica Garcia Addresses if Her RHOSLC Costars Sent Tea to IG Troll Account, and Slams Heather Gay for Failing to Pay Her Back for Bermuda Trip, Plus She Shares If She'll Appear on Bethenny's Podcast

Did the Instagram troll account Monica Garcia was involved with, Reality Von Tease, receive tips from her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City castmates?

During a recent appearance with her friends on her Instagram Live, Monica, 40, who admitted to her involvement with the account but denied she was the sole manager of it on the season four finale, hinted that she may have received tea from her co-stars. She also accused Heather Gay, 49, of owing her money and reacted to rumors of a future appearance on Bethenny Frankel‘s podcast.

After receiving a question from one of her viewers, who asked Monica if the other women had DMed tea, one of Monica’s friends suggested “one of them” had.

“You guys are gonna have to see,” Monica teased in response.”You guys are gonna have to tune in for reunion. A lot of sh*t comes out.”

At another moment, someone else wanted to know if Heather paid her back from their cast trip to Bermuda.

“Oh, wait! That’s so true!” Monica replied. “This person said, ‘Did Heather pay you back… ?’ No, Heather! Heather! If you’re watching this … You have me blocked actually. But if you’re watching this or having one of your friends watch this for me, you have not paid me back for Bermuda.”

“Deduct it from the $2,000 I owe you,” she added, seemingly in reference to Heather’s lawsuit against her for unpaid treatments at her Beauty Lab + Laser.

“Also, you owe Andy $100 for when he did your glam in Palm Springs. And you never paid for that. So where is it?” Monica continued as her friend Andy was seen on screen. “You owe me money. You owe him money. How are you gonna sue people when you’re out here owning them money?”

In another message shared on her Instagram account, Monica reacted to a claim shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, which suggested she’ll soon appear on Bethenny’s show.

“Man. You guys are really trying so hard,” Monica wrote. “Ya’ll really are BIG BIG mad out here. 1) I have never even been asked to be on her podcast 2) I wouldn’t do it even if I was asked 3) THIS along with so many other things being put out about me on this smear campaign happening right now is FALSE 4) You guys got my post taken down. Thanks a lot.”

RHOSLC Monica Garcia Responds to Smear Campaign, Potential Apperance on Bethenny Podcast

The three-part Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four reunion begins airing next Tuesday, January 9, at 8/7c on Bravo.