Vanderpump Rules’ Brock Davies Cries Over Kids and Shares If He Saw Them During Australia Visit, Plus He Claps Back at Charli Burnett’s “Payroll Husband” Diss, Denies “[Evaluating]” Her

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Vanderpump Rules' Brock Davies Cries Over Kids and Shares If He Saw Them During Australia Visit, Plus He Claps Back at Charli Burnett's "Payroll Husband" Diss, Denies "[Evaluating]" Her

Brock Davies broke down over his ongoing estrangement from his two kids, daughter Winter and son Eli, on his wife Scheana Shay‘s podcast on Friday.

Following his recent trip to his native Australia, where the children live, the Vanderpump Rules cast member, 32, who shares two-year-old daughter Summer Moon with Scheana, 38, explained why he was unable to see them while also reacting to the shade Charli Burnett, 26, threw at him during an appearance on Nick Viall‘s podcast last month.

“It is a very difficult situation,” Brock said of his dynamic with his kids on the January 12 episode of Scheananigans. “Based on my actions and my past and what my actions have caused for these kids, especially when they were younger, there was obviously, there’s trauma there that needed to be mended. And then my actions on my side, I need to keep turning up and show them that I am the dad that I want to be and that they want to be around.”

According to Brock, he’s paid his child support in full and is working to establish a better, healthier relationship with his kids, as well as his ex-wife and her new husband.

“The goal is to be on top of my child support every month, make sure that payment goes across, and just continually turn up, ask, and communicate with them. Right now, the parents and their choices, they would like to just keep it private,” he explained.

Although Winter and Eli were of course at the “top of mind” throughout Brock’s recent visit to Australia, he’s still working towards a physical reunion with his family members.

“The goal is to be able to have the door there towards open so when they want to build that relationship with me, when they see that I am, where I have been turning up and continually turning up, hopefully, they can build that trust up,” he explained. “I wish I could tell everybody, we’re meeting up, we’re doing this. But it is going to take time. We’re dealing with kids. They are going from preschool to high school. There is a bunch of things changing in their life, and I don’t want to be another one in there. I think they have a loving dad, a half-sister, and a beautiful family. So right now, that is not their priority, and I understand that.”

In another segment of Scheana’s podcast, Brock clapped back at Charli’s suggestion that he’s a “payroll husband,” noting the diss as “unnecessary.”

“I could see where she would get the term ‘payroll husband,'” he admitted to Scheana. “I think it just comes from my unwavering support for you. My schedule is second to yours. It’s because we’re a family, and I don’t think she understands that concept. Because I’m a male, I cannot support my wife and let her be the breadwinner?”

Brock went on to say Charli “can say whatever she wants” before detailing a drama-filled run-in they recently had.

“That woman threw a drink at my friends at a club. She got upset with our friend for having your back, and then she proceeded to have her full glass, throw a Collins glass at her, miss her, [and] hit her husband. And for me, that’s the last kind of interaction we’ve had with her. And at that point, I was like, ‘Charlli, I get it. You’re going through some stuff. Whatever,'” he recalled.

In addition to shading Brock on Nick’s show for his role in Scheana’s life, Charli also accused him of “[evaluating]” her during an encounter at a mutual friend’s party. However, according to Brock, he was just being kind.

“I’m not an a**hole. I’m not gonna ignore you. That’s not what I do,” he noted. “I [said], ‘Hey guys, how are you guys doing? What are you up to?’ Like, the standard baseline conversation … Cory and I, very much business guys, we used to talk about projects we’re working on, and if that conversation went that way, it had nothing to do with figuring out their status.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres on Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c on Bravo.