Brock Davies on if He’s Spoken to Kids Since Paying Child Support as Scheana Teases Wedding Date and Says Wedding Will Be Filmed For Vanderpump Rules

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Has Brock Davies Spoken to Kids Since Paying Child Support? Scheana Says Wedding Will "Absolutely" Be Filmed If Pump Rules is Renewed for Season 10Brock Davies has gotten caught up on his child support payments, but does that mean he’s back in touch with his two oldest children, Eli and Winter?

In a series of new interviews, the Vanderpump Rules cast member opened up about his “tough” situation and “long road ahead” before revealing if fiancée Scheana Shay helped him make the payments and speaking about their upcoming wedding, which Scheana is more than open to filming for the potential 10th season of their Bravo show.

“That’s going to be a long one to fix,” Brock admitted to Us Weekly on February 21. “The damage was done with me and [their mom]. Now it’s just a waiting game. Obviously, we’ll move that along as much as we can. Respectfully, because there are kids involved… Hopefully, we get to build that relationship sooner rather than later. But in time. That’s all it takes.”

Although Scheana said weeks ago that she would pay off Brock’s debt if it came to that, Brock confirmed it was he who made the payments.

“I wanted to make sure I could handle my own stuff,” he said. “The [coronavirus] pandemic didn’t help, but at the end of the day, we got there.”

Brock made plenty of mistakes with his older kids, and with his first marriage. But, when it comes to his family with Scheana, he’s getting to enjoy watching 10-month-old Summer reach all of her milestones.

“For my first time around [as a dad], I wasn’t around. And this time, I’ve been completely around, which is amazing,” he shared.

Brock is also feeling completely different as a partner to Scheana.

“I mean my first time around, I was in a different relationship — completely different. So marriage at this time around, I don’t know if this comes with the territory like I’m not going anywhere and I don’t want to be with anybody else,” he also told Us Weekly. “So it kind of helps us build the family for me.”

As he and Scheana look forward to their upcoming wedding, Brock’s preparing himself for a potential couple announcement amid the festivities. After all, that’s what he and Scheana considered amid James Kennedy and Raquel Levissengagement party.

“We’d be like, ‘Look, it’s a good place to do it. Not a problem. Just don’t do it as I’m saying my vows,’” Brock advised, noting that he would be “happy” if a couple took an important step in their relationship at their event.

At this point in time, Brock and Scheana don’t yet have a wedding date set in stone. And, while they initially wanted to wed on November 11, they have since decided to pick a date between August and November.

Looking forward to saying, “I do,” Scheana said she can’t wait to drop ex-husband Mike Shay‘s name.

“I wanna marry him because I love him, but one of the main reasons I wanna do it as soon as possible is just to get the [name change] process going,” she admitted. “I definitely want to have the same last name as my future husband and my daughter. And I realized that Summer and I will have the same initials.”

“We’re just figuring out where and when, and then who to invite and not invite because we do wanna keep it smaller. Keep costs down,” Scheana continued of her big day. “But it’s really hard to cut people. I have [a] very large family. We have a ton of friends, so hopefully, people don’t get offended if they don’t get invited.”

As for whether or not their wedding will be filmed, Scheana said she’s “absolutely” open to doing just that — as long as the series is renewed.

“We don’t know anything about next season yet, but if this happens to fall in the timeline of filming then absolutely. We would welcome [it],” she said.