Pump Rules’ Scheana Shay Says She’d “Absolve All of Brock’s Debts,” Offers Update on Wedding and Reveals Heather Young Inspired Engagement Ring

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Pump Rules' Scheana Shay Says She'd "Absolve All of [Brock's] Debts," Reveals Heather Young Inspired Engagement Ring, and is No Longer Getting Married in Bali

Scheana Shay offered an update on Brock Davieschild support situation during a podcast appearance on Tuesday.

After Brock was bombarded with questions and criticism throughout the recently aired ninth season of Vanderpump Rules, many of which came from Lala Kent, Scheana revealed she would pay off his debt before discussing her 12.7-carat morganite engagement ring and her plans for a late 2022 wedding and more kids.

“Financially he is going to be in a position to catch up on that in full,” Scheana confirmed on the February 1 episode of Dear Media’s Not Skinny, Not Fat podcast.

Although Scheana revealed that Brock’s ex-wife received funding from the government, clarifying that he owes money to them and that she’s already been paid, she said the two of them will not get married until his debt is “taken care of” and noted that she would pay it off herself if she could.

“He is my person. I will absolve all of his debts. I will pay for everything if that’s what I had to do, [but] he won’t allow that,” Scheana shared.

While Brock faced criticism for proposing to Scheana with a morganite ring rather than a diamond, Scheana said it was exactly what she wanted.

“I sent [jeweler Kyle Chan] a picture actually of Heather Young‘s engagement ring. And obviously, I mean, that ring, who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars that is, and he goes, ‘I can make this with a morganite,'” Scheana explained.

According to Scheana, she’s not sure what Brock paid for the ring but claims it appraised for over $36,000.

“[And] it was $1 on each card… He gave him three cards just to be funny. Cause he thought that was funny to split it for $1 on each card. And then he gave him cash for the [ring],” Scheana continued.

In addition to being thrilled with her ring, Scheana was also happy with the way in which Brock chose to get down on one knee at their home following a number of failed would-have-been-over-the-top proposals, including one that was supposed to take place at a movie screening.

“I wasn’t disappointed. And I think that’s where he felt like, ‘Now you only get this and now you’re disappointed.’ [But I was] like, ‘No, at the end of the day, all I want is a moment with you,'” she insisted. “And we had an even longer moment in the apartment before we went outside, where he got me flowers, he had this like whole printed out note with the edges, burned, like a message in the bottle of our love story… It was absolutely perfect.”

At the end of Pump Rules season nine, which aired last month on Bravo, fans watched as Brock attempted to stage a quicky wedding while in Santa Barbara to celebrate James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss‘ since-ended engagement. Looking back, Scheana admitted that she was never on board.

“He convinced me that Tom and Ariana thought this was a really good idea… And then I’m just thinking like, ‘If this is what everyone else wants, everyone else wants this, I will do it because I’m a people pleaser,'” Scheana recalled. “I’m like, ‘If this is really what you want to do. I will do it because I know I want to marry you.'”

Although Scheana was willing to do whatever she could to make Brock happy, the Santa Barbara ceremony didn’t happen. And now, after being shamed for even considering the idea, the couple is looking to wed “on a beach with the ocean in the background” as Pump Rules cameras potentially role for season 10.

“It was going to be Bali, but with quarantine and all of that, you can’t fly into a certain part of Bali. So we hired a wedding planner. And we’re going to look into getting married sometime I think between August and November. We’re open to a wide range of dates, pending location and the next season,” she revealed, noting her married name will be Scheana Honey Davies, similar to that of her daughter, Summer Moon Honey Davies.

Also on the podcast, Scheana admitted that she can’t see herself getting pregnant after nearly losing her life following a HELP diagnosis amid childbirth last April.

“I’ll probably go as surrogate or adopt to the next time around because it’s not worth losing my life,” she explained.