Pump Rules’ Brock Davies Shares Update on Child Support Case, Talks Drama With Lala Kent and Says She “Wants the Best” for Him, Plus Admits He Broke Down to Lisa

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Pump Rules' Brock Davies Shares Update on Child Support Case, Talks Drama With Lala Kent and Says She "Wants the Best" for Him, Plus Admits He Broke Down to LisaBrock Davies may have just joined the Vanderpump Rules cast, but just weeks into season nine, he’s already at the forefront of the series due to his custody drama with his ex-wife and their kids and his ongoing feud with Lala Kent.

Following last week’s episode, which featured Lala revealing details about his past restraining order and domestic violence allegations, Brock reflected on an off-camera conversation he had with Lala before revealing he’ll be seen breaking down to Lisa Vanderpump about his “secret” and his “guilt” on a future episode. He also shared an update on his child support case.

“I pulled Lala aside and was like, ‘Look, Lala, you need to understand that certain things happened when I was 19 that when I was 23 or 22, it got brought back up and put into a case against me and I had to go to court and get it dropped, which I did,’” Brock shared on the November 2 episode of Bachelors in the City.

According to Brock, fans will learn more about his complicated situation as the Pump Rules season continues. But for now, he believes that Lala had good intentions in her questions about his years-long estrangement from his children.

“I know Lala just wants the best for me, wants me to be with my kids. And I want to have the best [and be with] my kids. But there’s two kids involved, there’s an ex-relationship, [and] there’s a stepdad involved,” he explained. “[So] to try to explain that on camera on national television and then have them talk about it… That’s where the drama gets built up.”

As fans saw during last week’s show, Brock believed he was opening up to Lala in confidence. But just a short time later, with cameras rolling, Lala revealed all he said to the ladies of the show, including Lisa.

“And then he doesn’t tell me he had this side conversation with her so then she brings it up to me at a tea party, in front of Lisa Vanderpump and I’m like, ‘What the f**k?’ Like how do you know this?’” Brock’s then-girlfriend and now-fiancee, Scheana Shay, recalled.

“It was lessons learned,” Brock replied.

Although Brock’s reality debut came with plenty of drama, he appreciated being asked to appear in a full-time role.

“It wasn’t my intention of like using my kids to leverage that. I was honest. And I thought if someone was gonna tell my story, and it was going to be on national television, I need to be brutally honest about what I did,” he said.

For the past few weeks, the details surrounding Brock and his custody drama have appeared quite complicated. But as he revealed, he will soon be seen having a telling conversation with Lisa.

“It was the first time I spoke to anybody else, outside of my actual family, that was with me in 2009. And I owned it. I owned what I did when I went through these ages. And I go through it and it was the most [relief] I’ve felt because I got to share that guilt that I was carrying,” he explained. “I wanted to tell her everything but then I just broke down. For me, it was amazing to have that moment because I got to share my secret [and] my guilt with somebody else.”

As for a future friendship with Lala, Brock said that while reconciliation is uncertain, he certainly appreciates her holding him accountable because it led him to be proactive.

He also hinted that he is now working towards settling his child support case with his ex.

“Me and Lala, we’ll see what happens. But it kind of makes those relationships deeper. You’re forced to address the issues and me talking about that put more ownership on me actually going through my child support, paying that off, and getting that set up,” he revealed. “So when the season finishes I can leverage what I can from this and make up for what I’ve done wrong but actually have more accountability.”

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.