Lala Kent Brings Up Brock Davies’ Past Restraining Order and Child Support Issues as He Slams Her as “Piece of Sh-t,” Plus Lisa Vanderpump Weighs in

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent Details Brock Davies' Past Domestic Violence Restraining Order and Unpaid Child Support He Slams Her as "Piece of Sh-t"


Brock Davies was put on blast by Lala Kent.

During Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala put a spotlight on Brock’s estrangement from his two kids in Australia as she brought up a restraining order that was filed against him by his ex-wife, who accused him of domestic violence, and told Lisa Vanderpump that he’s fallen behind on his child support responsibilities during a tea event with the cast.

“You know why he wasn’t allowed to see his kids, correct?” Lala asked as her Pump Rules co-stars sat around her. “Because [their mom] slammed him with a domestic violence charge.”

According to Lala, Brock pulled her aside during a group outing and revealed that “things [allegedly] got physical” with his ex.

“But he didn’t do anything,” Scheana said in response to Lala’s proclamation.

“You know that?” Lisa asked.

“I know everything. There were a lot of things in that relationship that didn’t go well,” Scheana replied.

But Lala was taken aback by Scheana’s apparent naivety.

“Scheana, it takes a lot for a court to say, ‘You can no longer see your children.’ So forgive me if I’m a little f-cking concerned for you. It is nerve-racking because you’ve been with him for two years but anything could happen. I just want you to be a smart person because it’s not about you anymore. You have a child,” Lala noted.

In a cast confessional, Scheana admitted that a restraining order “sounds terrible” but reminded viewers that this happened a long time ago and insisted the domestic violence claims were not why Brock can’t see his kids today.

“I’m just saying, don’t be stupid,” Lala advised. “Anytime a domestic violence case is put against you, something had to have happened.”

“But someone can say something happened when it didn’t. Was someone there?” Scheana clapped back.

Then, when Lisa asked why Brock is currently unable to see his kids, Scheana said he had fallen behind on child support payments.

“So now as long as that’s taken care of, he will have full access to the kids,” Scheana confirmed.

In her own cast confessional, Lisa reacted to Scheana’s claims of a picture-perfect romance.

“Scheana’s always trying to tell me how perfect everything is. The fact that he was defunct in his child allowance payments, now there’s a restraining order, and domestic violence, well that’s an interesting perception of perfection,” she noted.

After the ladies of Pump Rules were seen enjoying tea amid their tense conversation, Brock was seen learning that Lala had outed his past hardships to Lisa — and he wasn’t happy.

“I have had enough of Lala’s sh-t. I spoke to her and [Randall Emmett] about a situation that I had in my past. I asked them nicely to drop it. And now [she goes] to Lisa and goes, ‘Oh! You know what else Brock did?’ and divulges more sh-t that I tried to confide in her with,” he tells the guys of the show during a night in. “She’s a piece of sh-t. I’m not dealing with her anymore.”

After leaving their get-together, Brock shaded Lala for “sucking a d-ck for a Range Rover.”

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