Pump Rules’ Scheana Shay on Why Lala Was Jealous of Her Relationship With Brock, Being Shot Down by Ex Rob, Plus Mike Shay Update

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Pump Rules' Scheana Shay on Lala's "Projecting," Potentially Jealousy Over Her Partnership With Brock, and Being Shot Down by Rob, Plus Mike Shay Update

Scheana Shay is explaining why she was quick to forgive Lala Kent following her many verbal attacks on her now-fiancéBrock Davies, throughout Vanderpump Rules season nine.

While appearing on a podcast, Scheana admitted that it was hard for her to jump back into filming so soon after her almost-fatal birth experience with daughter Summer Moon Honey Davies, especially when her castmates didn’t give her any sort of compassion.

“You would think so, but they didn’t,” Scheana said of her castmates on the February 1 episode of Dear Media’s Not Skinny, Not Fat podcast.

Lala was especially tough on Scheana, continuously questioning her about Brock slapping his former wife and failing to fulfill his child support responsibilities to her.

Although Scheana and Brock planned to keep that information to themselves, Lala ultimately brought up the issue on the show after learning of Brock’s dirty deeds from the Australian himself.

“Of course, she’s going to go and tell everybody. That’s her job,” Scheana explained.

In addition to bringing up Brock’s past drama, Lala also went to James Kennedy after learning Brock was planning to stage a secret wedding during his and Raquel Levissengagement weekend in Santa Barbara. Still, Scheana understands why she did so and feels it’s part of the gig.

“Even in the finale, people were just like, ‘How are you okay with her after?’ And I get it,” Scheana admitted. “I get why she told James. In the moment I was pissed, especially when I saw her yelling at [Tom Sandoval] and then she’s yelling at [Ariana Madix]. I was like, ‘Oh hell no,’ but I also understood why she did.”

Scheana had also already heard from Lala and knew she was acting out due to her strained relationship with now-ex-fiancé Randall Emmett, who she’s since accused of cheating on her with numerous women.

“We understood, she was projecting,” Scheana explained. “We understood that she saw I have a 50/50 partner and that’s something that she’s always wanted. Her love language is quality time. And Randall never gave that to her.”

According to Scheana, she saw “red flags” in Lala and Randall’s relationship immediately. However, despite the alleged overlap their relationship had with Randall’s marriage to ex-wife Ambyr Childers, her view on the romance was ultimately changed.

“It was like red flags from the beginning, but then we all really saw how much he loved her. So, uh, it was one of those things where we never thought he would do it to her, but I’m sure he loved the first mother of his children and she never thought he would do that to her. So he’s just that type of person, unfortunately,” Scheana reasoned. “And it was really, really sad.”

As Pump Rules came to an end last month, Scheana and Brock faced backlash for sharing their engagement news with their castmates in Santa Barbara because many felt that they were stealing James and Raquel’s moment. Looking back, Scheana said it was a shame that her co-stars weren’t happy for her.

“No one’s ever [excited] for me. With any news, especially in this group, I think Ariana is the only one who’s ever like genuinely excited for me. And I know Raquel would have been,” she stated.

“It reminded me of the season six finale when we’re at the TomTom construction site. And I put on a construction hat and I go up to [Robert Parks-Valletta] and I’m like, ‘I’m going to be only wearing this later. What do you think about that?’ And he’s like, ‘Can I get another drink?'”

Scheana has faced her fair share of rejection on the show, but she now claims Rob wasn’t trying to embarrass her.

“I asked him about that moment and he said that he was so worried about like his grandparents watching the show. And I was so open about sex that he just like, shut it down and ignored me,” she explained, noting that she and Rob are now “friends” and “hang out” with Brock.

“We just went to a Bryce Vine concert together,” she revealed.

Also on the podcast, Scheana addressed her past marriage to Mike Shay, admitting that she made a number of bad decisions at the end of their relationship.

“Now that I look back and I see that addiction, it is a disease… I said so many ignorant things, like, ‘Why do you have to drink to get drunk? Why can’t you just have one glass of wine with me?’ I didn’t understand how serious it was to be an alcoholic [and] to have an addiction problem. It was not his fault,” she shared.

Despite the heartbreaking end of their marriage, Scheana said she and Mike are in a good place today.

“He’s good. We’re still, we’re lightly in touch. Not as much anymore, but if I texted him right now, he would respond and vice versa,” she noted. “We wish each other happy birthdays. Congratulations when it’s due, [and say] ‘Merry Christmas.'”

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