Brock Davies on if His Kids Will Attend Wedding as He Finishes Paying Off Child Support, Plus Scheana Claims Lala Raised Questions About Vanderpump Rules Return for “Shock Value”

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Scheana Shay Claims Lala Raised Questions About Pump Rules Return for "Shock Value" as Brock Pays Off Child Support, Will Kids Attend Wedding?

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Scheana Shay isn’t convinced Lala Kent is truly having second thoughts about her future on Vanderpump Rules.

While appearing on a podcast with fiancé Brock Davies on Monday, Scheana revealed why Lala likes to play coy ahead of new seasons of their Bravo reality show and revealed if Brock’s children would be attending their upcoming wedding.

“I don’t think a lot of people walk away from this, so no, I don’t think she’s leaving… That’s also what Lala does,” Scheana said on the February 14 episode of #NoFilter with Zack Peter. “She says things for, like, shock value. She’ll go to one extreme, she’s like, ‘Well I don’t even know if I’m coming back.’ It’s like, really?”

Although Lala and Brock butted heads throughout season nine, with Lala frequently mentioning his domestic violence scandal and failure to pay child support to his two oldest kids, Brock told listeners he was actually hoping Lala would return to the show.

“We want her to come back and I think the people that have watched the show for so many years want to see this new version of Lala,” he shared.

As for his child support responsibilities to his ex, Brock confirmed they’ve been paid.

“It was only actually $23,000 Australian, the rest was late fees — or penalties. So, I got rid of that in the last four months, since then. And then we cleared it up [last Monday night],” he revealed. “I wanted to do that in December so that going into the reunion, I’d be like, ‘Guys, yes! And I didn’t know about my child support, and then I found out about it, and then I covered it and it’s done.’ But I couldn’t do that. I wish I could have earlier.”

Now that Brock is caught up on his child support debt, he’s one step closer to reuniting with his kids. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the children will be in attendance when he and Scheana walk down the aisle.

“Ideally, it’d be amazing. That’s definitely a long shot. I think right now, I just want to work on phone calls and then if I can go home once a month, I’ll fly home for the week — like for four days, go home, see them on the weekend, come back here. That’s the ideal situation. I don’t think you guys will see them at the wedding,” he admitted.

And Scheana was also unsure, explaining, “It’s not going to be in Australia, so to ask them to fly out of the country, like that’s a big ask and I don’t think that is realistic, no.”

Bravo has not yet commented on a potential 10th season of Vanderpump Rules.