Pump Rules’ Scheana Shay Confirms She Spoke With Brock’s Ex and Shares How It Went as Brock Gives New Update on Child Support

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Pump Rules' Scheana Shay Confirms She Spoke With Brock's Ex, Says She "Needed to Be Heard" as Brock Says He's "Nearly" Caught Up on Child SupportBrock Davies‘ relationship with his ex-wife is “far from being fixed,” but with help from his fiancée, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay, the former couple recently had a very important conversation.

As Brock continues to face criticism from his castmates, namely Lala Kent, who recently deemed him “dangerous,” Scheana revealed the three of them had a “very long FaceTime,” during which she demanded Brock listen to the thoughts of his ex-spouse, who he recently admitted to slapping, and allow her to be heard.

“We had a very long FaceTime with her where I told him to just shut up and let her talk because she needed to be heard. I listened and I, as a very empathetic person, I understood where she was coming from,” Scheana revealed to Us Weekly on November 15. “I couldn’t imagine what she had been through. I know that they were both young and they had a very tumultuous relationship, and it was better that they did separate. But just from a woman’s point of view, I was like, ‘You, really need to look at it from her perspective and not how just you were feeling.’”

Although Brock said more needed to be done before “growth” would occur in their currently-strained relationship, he hopes that things will get better in time.

“It just came with stipulations, and it was like, ‘If you can prove to me that you can do this, then we’ll take the next step.’ That was the child support,” he noted. “So for me, my one goal was to knock off their child support before the end of the [Vanderpump Rules] season finishes and gets everything out. It wasn’t easy to do, but we’re nearly there.”

As he gets caught up on his child support responsibilities, Brock looks forward to the day he reunites with son Eli and daughter Winter, but he acknowledges that will only happen if the kids are on board.

“The biggest [thing] for me is kind of, like, reminding everybody that these are two little minds that have a stepdad that is there. He’s been a dad since Winter was born and since Eli was four, he has been a part of their lives,” Brock noted. “You don’t hear this side of [it] on the show where there’s kids involved.”

Looking back on his debut season on Pump Rules, Brock admitted that it wasn’t easy speaking candidly about his dark moments, but he said that doing so resulted in some much-needed accountability.

“I kind of put myself in these positions. I was open about my past, and I was OK talking about it. That led to a lot of reflection. I think I didn’t really understand much of it until I actually talked about it [on screen],” he explained. “This season has definitely had roller-coasters for me. I’ve gone through all the emotions, and you’ve seen them all, that’s for sure. But I think at the end of it, as long as it keeps me accountable, then I know I am not going back [to] that way ever again.”

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