Brock Davies and Scheana Shay Discuss Their Worst Fight and What Brock’s Ex Told Him Before Joining Vanderpump Rules, Plus Scheana Reveals Wedding Date and Why She May Not Have More Kids

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Brock Davies Shares What Ex Told Him Before He Joined Pump Rules, Talks "Blowouts" With Scheana as She Reveals Wedding Plans, Plus Why She May Not Have More Kids

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Brock Davies‘ ex-wife had one request when he joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules for season nine.

During a podcast appearance earlier this week, Brock detailed the conversation he had with his ex prior to filming before fiancee Scheana Shay dished on their 2022 wedding plans and explained why their daughter, Summer Moon, may have convinced her against having more kids.

“Starting this season off, we spoke with my ex and during that conversation, she was like, ‘Look, you can do you but leave me and the kids out of it,'” Brock revealed on the November 2 episode of Bachelors in the City. “[And] I was like, ‘I can respect that space and boundaries.’ I chose this life. My ex, our relationship, and those two kids, did not choose to be talked about.”

But at the time, Brock was a reality rookie and didn’t anticipate the drama that was to come.

As Pump Rules viewers have seen, Lala Kent has put a spotlight on Brock’s relationship with his former spouse, as well as his estrangement from their two children. And, while Brock initially thought he could engage in the conversation and quickly “nip it in the bud,” that’s not at all how things played out.

Looking back, Brock said it was difficult to try and explain a situation that was so complex.

“As much as you think you know somebody, I was 19 to 23 during this time of my life with my ex and my two little ones and the whole cycle was, I tried to explain it but it’s really difficult to explain 10 years of my life,” he stated.

While Brock and Scheana were able to maintain a healthy relationship with one another, despite the many questions he faced amid season nine, the couple, who met at a music festival in San Diego, admitted to struggling throughout the pandemic.

“We had some blowouts. It wasn’t simple,” Brock noted.

“For sure,” Scheana agreed. “He tried to pack his bags and leave one day. And I was like, ‘You leave, you’re not coming back.’ And then he unpacked his suitcase.”

Although Brock and Scheana, like many other couples, had some hiccups amid the pandemic, they made it through and are now planning for a November 2022 wedding in Bali.

“That’s where we fell in love. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever been in the world,” Scheana explained. “With travel restrictions in Australia, we’re hoping that next November, when it’s summer there, that we can get married then. That’s the plan but we haven’t set a date yet.”

As for her new role as a mom, Scheana said her daughter Summer is “the best thing that ever happened to [her].”

“It’s the best. We have a very good child. She is a little angel. I’m just obsessed with her. It makes me not want to have another because we wouldn’t have a better baby. So I’m like, ‘Maybe we’re just one and done.’”

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.