Brock Davies Shares New Updates With Kids and Ex, Talks Ups and Downs With Scheana & “Respect” For Her, Wedding, Regrets, Plus Hardest Part of Vanderpump Rules

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Brock Davies Shares Update With Kids, Ups and Downs With Scheana, Their Wedding, and the Hardest Part of Pump Rules

Brock Davies was welcomed to Lala Kent‘s podcast earlier this month, where he offered an update on his two oldest children.

After revealing that he was estranged from the Australia-based son and daughter he shares with his ex on the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules, Brock is sharing where he stands with his children today. He’s also addressing his ups and downs with Scheana Shay, their wedding, and more.

On the August 23 episode of Give Them Lala, Brock revealed that he and his ex were “very young” when they met, and he admitted their relationship was “off and on.” He then confirmed the moment when the two of them learned they were expecting son Eli actually came after one of their many breakups.

“It was a very good breakup. And then the next day was when we found out that she was pregnant [with son Eli],” Brock shared, adding that he was playing professional rugby in Europe at the time.

And because he wanted to “step up to the plate,” Brock rekindled their romance as the two of them moved to France for several months before returning to Australia after his team lost funding.

“I was in a midlife crisis at barely 21. I had a professional career. I just lost it. I have a kid and we’re in a very toxic relationship. And it’s not [because of] that. She traveled the world and gave it all up for me to live my dream and that was the bigger pressure,” he explained.

Although the couple attempted to save their relationship through therapy, their counselor ultimately advised them to part ways, which they did — before learning they were expecting yet again. But this time around, they remained separated as their troubled history and Brock’s past aggression resurfaced.

“That’s when the domestic violence got brought in and they relayed it back to our three, four year history of angry fighting with each other to when we were 19 and we got into an argument and I did slap her. It wasn’t the cause of the domestic violence but it should never have happened. I know I never should have done that,” Brock noted.

Despite their years of turmoil, Brock said he and his ex are in a “better place” today, and he applauded her current partner, Trevor, as a “legend of a guy.”

“From the beginning, when they started dating and I was out of the picture, he stepped up to the plate,” Brock gushed. “He’s always been there for the two kids and… He stepped up to a point where they didn’t need to have me or my mom or my family sitting around going, ‘How’s the kids,’ because it’s antagonizing to their parenting.”

Although Brock was upset when he lost touch with his kids upon moving to the United States to pursue a career in football, he said he knew “deep down” that it was the best thing for Eli and Winter.

“It was the best thing for the kids and it still is. That was the hardest thing for me to kind of remind myself, I’m the dad but I’m not the right person to raise these kids,” he explained. “They’re in a good situation with somebody that’s treating them like their own kids.”

Once Lala told Brock, “I respect the decisions that you made,” she asked if the kids know Brock today.

“That was the harder part because once we started reconnecting and talking to them, Winter had no problem coming up on the FaceTime and being like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But then Eli didn’t want to,” Brock revealed. “And it’s still to the point where he… For him, I was a big influence from him and when I wasn’t around, he was three, but he still knew that and he still felt that and so we’re still working on that relationship.”

“The rule is it’s up to the kids,” he continued. “And so me and their mother text backwards and forwards. And Trevor, the kids’ stepdad, is an absolute legend, he’s like, ‘We’ll grab a beer when you’re in town. Let’s not make this a thing. Let’s just move forward.'”

As Brock continues to juggle his rekindled relationships with his ex and children, he’s also adjusting to his new parenting dynamic with Scheana, who welcomed their daughter Summer Moon Honey Davies last April, leading to “more respect” between them.

“I saw her struggling as a parent sometimes and then stepping up as a parent. So I see her go through pain and then I see her grow from it and in there, I find those messages,” he explained.

But that doesn’t mean everything is perfect between them. In fact, as Brock shared, “We have our tit for tats.”

“I put my foot in my mouth all the time… But I don’t want to hurt her,” Brock clarified. “I don’t want to upset her, and the stuff she goes through already, that’s why I get really reactive. I wanna react and save the world for her and it gets me in trouble.”

As for their wedding, which was upcoming at the time the podcast was recorded, Brock said that “nothing” will change between them because they’ve “been married since we’ve been together.”

Looking back at his first season on Pump Rules, Brock confessed to being “short with [his] words” and “shooting from [his] hip.”

“I definitely needed to learn that and I think it’s a lesson for everyone to see, especially once you see yourself on TV,” he explained. “You gotta look at it and you gotta think about it. It was a rollercoaster. It was so many highs. It was so many lows. And at the end of the ride, you’re kind of left like, ‘What was that?’”

Brock also had regrets about the Pump Rules reunion, mainly in regard to his behavior toward Lala, who was fresh off a messy split from ex-fiance Randall Emmett at the time.

“If I could’ve taken a second to understand, ‘You know what? That happened. And I’m angry at myself but I’m taking it out on Lala, [and] I’m taking it out on everybody else,’ I wish I had that common sense because I know that’s within me to have that temper to slow down and be aware of that, but I didn’t have that day and it didn’t come across well,” he stated.

Luckily, in the months since the reunion was filmed, the cast members have made up.

“I believe [Brock] sent me a text [after the reunion] that said [he was] sorry and right after that it was like, ‘We’re good,’” Lala confirmed.

“I did reach out because once you see yourself… and the response I got on social media was valid,” Brock replied.

Also during the podcast episode, Brock revealed that the hardest part of appearing on Pump Rules was having to open up about his situation with his ex and their kids.

“I spoke about my truths and I left it at that — that was the hardest part: Realizing I actually have to talk about this in public. Because before, we never had any conversations like this. And when we even spoke about it when we first started to talk about my kids, it was on me. I spoke about it with Randall, yourself, and Scheana when we were out in Palm Springs, and at that point in time, I felt like, I want to address the elephant in the room, like I do have my two kids,” Brock recalled. “I’m not ashamed of them… I was more ashamed of my actions towards how I ended up in my situation. And I guess I never really spoke about that because it’s a hard thing to talk about.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is expected to premiere on Bravo in early 2023.