RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke Slams Annemarie as “Tacky” for Bringing Up Esophagus Drama at Memorial as Annemarie Blames Kyle for Suspicions and Crystal Admits She Was “Annoyed”

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RHOBH's Sutton Stracke Slams "Tacky" Annemarie for Bringing Up Esophagus Drama at Memorial as Annemarie Blames Kyle for Suspicions and Crystal Admits She Was "Annoyed"

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Sutton Stracke shaded Annemarie Wiley for bringing up her suspicions about her esophagus issues at the celebration of life ceremony Kyle Richards hosted for her late best friend, Lorene Shea, after Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After Annemarie, 40, chose to revisit the issue after previously alluding to Sutton’s diagnosis being incorrect, Sutton, 52, slammed her as “tacky” over the timing of her latest discussion as Crystal Kung-Minkoff, 40, admitted she too was “annoyed” and Garcelle Beauvais, 57, reflected on Annemarie’s continuous push about the matter.

“I arrive at Kyle’s friend’s celebration of life, and the first person I see is [Teddi Mellencamp]. She said something about, ‘Hi, I’m the gnat.’ And I was like, ‘hi,’ and I kept on walking,” Garcelle recalled on the January 10 episode of the RHOBH: After Show.

As fans may recall, Garcelle compared Teddi to a “gnat” back in 2021.

“And then I went and sat down. I saw Annemarie with Crystal, so I thought I’d go say ‘hi’ to them and when I got there, they were talking about [Sutton’s] esophagus,” Garcelle continued. “[Then] I went back an hour later and there were more people talking about your esophagus.”

“It’s the esophagus that keeps on giving,” Sutton replied.

Crystal also noted that Annemarie would not drop the issue.

“I was very annoyed with Annemarie that night. Everywhere I would go, she would grab someone to talk about Sutton’s esophagus,” she shared.

While many were unimpressed with Annemarie’s behavior at Lorene’s memorial, she explained that she simply wanted more information about Sutton’s claims regarding her health.

“I’m just taking information that I feel like the other girls wouldn’t have known to put together in question because, to them, they don’t know it doesn’t make sense. They‘re not in healthcare,” she noted. “Crystal is taking a whole step further, saying, well, you’re saying she has an eating disorder. I get it. Crystal has an eating disorder, so she’s probably more sensitive to that, and rightfully so. And I get that, I respect that. But don’t put that on me.”

During Wednesday’s episode, Crystal felt that Annemarie was insinuating that Sutton’s esophagus condition was a side effect of a potential eating disorder. But according to Annemarie, it wasn’t her, but Kyle, who suspected such a thing.

“I will always own what I say, and I will always say what I mean. I’m saying that Kyle insinuated that Sutton had an eating disorder. I’m just taking information and putting a puzzle together. I’m not purposefully talking behind Sutton’s back about this. I just haven’t seen her since and I’ve seen other people and I’m like, ‘hey can I bounce this off you,’ because again, this came from Kyle,” she stated.

As for her decision to bring up the matter at the celebration of life ceremony, Annemarie insisted she didn’t know that Sutton’s father also died by suicide.

“I wanted to talk to Suton about it and then Garcelle filled me in and said that Sutton’s father had also sadly committed suicide, so of course this is not the night to do it at all,” she explained. “I’m gonna respect what we’re here for, respect Kyle, respect Sutton, respect Lorene, and it’s not the night to do it. So I didn’t want to bring it up to her, but then Garcelle went to Sutton and said, probably, like, ‘Hey, she’s talking about it again.’”

In her own RHOBH: After Show segment, Sutton expressed disgust.

“I think those people had forgotten why they were there. You know what we call that in the South? Tacky,” she declared. “Kyle’s friend committed suicide and this organization, Nami, I’m an ambassador for and suicide prevention is a big part of what they do and they were there that night. My father committed suicide so if she thinks that she’s gonna come up to me… She knows everything about everything else but she doesn’t know that my dad committed suicide? I do not believe that for one second.”

“Even if she didn’t know, where are you, Annemarie?” Sutton continued. “This is basically a memorial service. We have family members present. What are you doing?”

“I dare you,” she added.

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