Dorit Kemsley Discusses Real Reason Kyle Stopped Talking to Her & New Timeline of Feud, Plus Negatives of RHOBH and Real Story Behind $10,000 Robbery

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RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley on Real Reason Kyle Stopped Talking to Her, New Details and Timeline of Feud, and Hopes for Friendship, Plus Negatives of Show and $10,000 Robbery

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Dorit Kemsley is sharing new details regarding her drama with Kyle Richards.

Following the conclusion of the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit, 47, revealed why and when Kyle, 53, stopped speaking to her as she also shared her hopes for their future friendship, revealed the negative aspects of appearing on a reality show, and opened up about being robbed for $10,000.

“When I had asked Kyle in the show was everything okay, it was just her and I, obviously the cameras are rolling… [But] I didn’t push her,” Dorit recalled on the March 13 episode of The Skinny Confidential: Him and Her Podcast, giving a nod to her questions about Kyle’s marriage to Mauricio Umansky, 53. “I said, ‘Listen I just want you to know I’m here for you.'”

According to Dorit, she asked Kyle about her marriage issues in a far different manner than their castmates.

“When a few of the other girls at the weed dinner had approached Kyle about it, it was in a far less concerning or friendlike way,” she noted.

Dorit also reacted to Kyle’s shade in regard to her decision to bring up her problems with Mauricio on camera.

“Kyle had made a comment in the press about being upset that I asked her on camera about her marriage… She knows fully well that, of course, everyone — production, the network, everyone — if something’s going on and someone doesn’t ask, it’s like, ‘What are you hiding?'” Dorit noted. “Meanwhile, she makes a comment when [Sutton Stracke] and [Garcelle Beauvais] brought it up at the weed dinner, if they had asked me in a concerning way, I wouldn’t mind but that’s exactly the way I had asked her and she had a problem with it.”

Looking back at the apparent double standard, Dorit suspected Kyle “was harboring something” but didn’t know what since Kyle “wasn’t telling [her].”

Fast forward to the end of the season and Dorit and Kyle were in a good place — until Dorit said on Watch What Happens Live that their friendship changed as Kyle got closer to rumored flame Morgan Wade, 29.

“She just decided to not speak to me and she was enraged. I sent her a really nice text message. You know, I had seen some things in the press about her and Mo, just that I was thinking about her and you know I’d seen her daughter, and it was a lovely message. She didn’t even answer it,” Dorit revealed. “She just completely blanked me.”

Months later, and adding insult to injury, Kyle publicly accused Dorit of exaggerating their friendship.

“That’s as hurtful as it can possibly be,” Dorit confessed. “To me, it was very calculated and very manipulative and it really really upset me. And also, having a standard where she’s always the first to say to everybody that this is the place to do it and you have to talk about it, it’s like two sets of rules. One for her and one for everybody else. And there’s a point where it’s just not okay.”

Despite the issues she has with Kyle and her behavior amid season 13, Dorit said she’s open to a reconciliation.

“I would like for Kyle and I to sit down but have a genuine honest open conversation. There’s a lot of hurt,” she stated.

After seven seasons on RHOBH, Dorit admitted she often feels misunderstood.

“The reunion was difficult… The negatives for me I think are sometimes being misunderstood. And the show, because it’s an ensemble cast, it’s not the Dorit show. They don’t show all aspects of someone,” she explained, noting that producers cut footage about her $10,000 robbery.

“This was Christmas Eve. Everyone was busy. My assistant was doing various things, no one was home. I went to the bank. I wanted to get some cash out because I wanted to give some bonuses and I stopped off at a store to get some boxed Christmas cards cause I didn’t know if I had enough at the house,” Dorit recalled. “This is the truth. This is the real story. Why these things aren’t, you know, explicitly shown, I don’t understand.”

When the podcast host then mentioned that there was a lack of context given to the robbery story, Dorit agreed.

“It allows for chatter and narratives to be invented,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 14 is expected to go into production in April.