Kristen Doute Suggests Katie Isn’t Friends With Vanderpump Rules Cast in “Real Life,” Offers Update on Their Relationship, and Talks Jo Wenberg Ghosting Her, Plus Feeling Bad for Jo Amid Bullying Drama

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Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute Offers Update on Katie Relationship, Suggests She Isn't Friends With Cast in "Real Life," and Talks Jo Wenberg Ghosting Her, Plus Feeling Bad for Jo Amid Bullying Drama

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Kristen Doute offered an update on her friendship with Katie Maloney during an episode of her podcast last week.

While also looking back on her former friendship with Jo Wenberg and reacting to Jo being “bullied” by her Vanderpump Rules castmates, Kristen, 41, admitted that she and Katie, 37, aren’t as close as they once were and suggested Katie has also distanced herself from her co-stars.

On the March 29 episode of Sex, Love and What Else Matters, Kristen was heard addressing Katie’s tension with Lala Kent, 33.

“They’re both… I care about Katie a lot. I’m not friends with Lala. Katie and I will always be like sisters but we just don’t like,  hang out often, even though she lives three doors down the hall,” Kristen revealed. “We just can’t get away from each other.”

According to Kristen, she believes Katie has grown away from the Pump Rules cast in recent years.

“I think everyone’s growing apart a little bit and growing up, especially Katie. I feel like Katie’s finding her footing with different friend groups and isn’t necessarily as involved in real life with this group the same way she used to be,” she explained. “When she was with [Tom Schwartz], it was different so I feel like Katie’s really finding her footing outside of the friend group these days.”

As Katie ventures off, Jo has become a bigger part of the group, which hasn’t come as good news to many, including Kristen, who was “very, very good friends” with Jo before Jo suddenly ghosted her as she started spending time with Schwartz, 40.

“We were talking, hanging out, and then all of a sudden, I just stopped hearing from her for a while,” Kristen shared. “I was like, texting her, DMing her, I’m like, ‘What’s going on with you?’ And she always had some kind of weird excuse like her storage unit got broken into and then her house got broken into and she was really stressed about this, then she was out of town and I’m like, ‘What the f*ck is going on with you?'”

“I feel confused… if you would’ve asked me a year and a half ago, ‘Do I think Jo is shady?,’ I would’ve been like, ‘Absolutely f*cking not.’ She’s chaotic. And I know that bothers a lot of people. It never bothered me in my friendship with her because I felt like I could handle that and I guess she makes me look calm but we both are so super ADHD and we speak that same language,” Kristen continued. “And I do feel bad for her in some of these scenes because I know she’s not welcomed at a lot of people’s houses, even the guy that I dated before [Luke Broderick], when I lived with him, she was not allowed over there. She’s not allowed at [Jax Taylor] and [Brittany Cartwright]’s. She’s not allowed at certain people’s restaurants. Everyone just has this major thing against her because of, when she gets drunk or the way she acts sometimes, it’s just not great.”

Despite Jo’s apparent downfalls, Kristen confessed to feeling bad for Jo as she was hassled by the ladies of Pump Rules on last week’s show.

“Watching this, especially when I saw her panic attack, because I think something that people don’t know, as extraverted and chaotic she is, she does, even having people over her own house, she would have anxiety attacks. She gets social anxiety.  So I would imagine, I’ve been in that position where you have all the girls on the show standing around talking sh*t about you, it doesn’t feel good. So I did feel bad for her,” Kristen reasoned. “I do not stand for bullying like that.”

That said, Kristen hasn’t taken too kindly to Jo’s efforts to get close to certain people related to the show.

“What bothers me about Jo watching her as a video and her old friend is like, seeing her being like, ‘James!,’ when she knows about my past with [James Kennedy] and how much I despise him. That irritates me… how she’s like, BFFs with like, Billie Lee, and just trying to be liked by whoever regardless of the knowledge she has about some of these people and their character… so that stuff irritates me which makes me not a huge fan of her but as far as bullying her about her hat or her sneakers or her voice… enough is enough.”

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