Find Out Why Crystal Kung-Minkoff Was Fired From RHOBH as Insider Claims She’s “Devastated” Over Departure

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Find Out Why Crystal Kung-Minkoff Was Fired From RHOBH as Insider Claims She's "Devastated" Over Departure

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Crystal Kung-Minkoff is “devastated” after reportedly being fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Following Crystal’s confirmation of the news on Monday, during which she said her departure from the Bravo reality series wasn’t a “goodbye” but a “see you soon,” an insider claimed the 41-year-old was not asked to return to the show for season 14 due to her lackluster performance on season 13.

“She was fired because she didn’t deliver,” an insider told Us Weekly on April 17. “Producers told her she doesn’t have a storyline, so they had to let her go.”

The outlet’s explanation of Crystal’s departure is in alignment with a report that came out before her confirmation from the Daily Mail.

“They don’t want her back because they feel she has done all she can do on the show and she no longer has much to add to the drama, so another contract has not been offered,” their insider explained on Monday. “They appreciate her contributions to the show, and the parting is not ugly, but it just is time to move on.”

Following the report, Crystal shared an Instagram Reel, making the news official with her fans and followers.

“I just wanted to share the news that I will not be coming back to film season 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s very bittersweet,” she stated. “Never did I think I would have been asked to do the show in a million years, let alone film it for three seasons. Every single year I was asked back, it was a blessing. It was an honor.”

Crystal joined RHOBH in 2021 for season 11 as the series’ first Asian American, which she said put “a lot of weight” on her shoulders.

Looking ahead to the future, Crystal teased, “I have some other things going on that I will be sharing with you soon.”

“At the end of the day, that has been my biggest gift of filming this show is connecting with so many of you with your beautiful stories,” she noted. “So, more to come but I just, I’m so grateful for everyone’s love and support. You guys are an incredible audience with your own unique story to tell and I hope that you guys all one day have your opportunity.”

After Crystal revealed she would not be part of season 14, Annemarie Wiley, 41, seemingly shaded her with a post about “karma” for someone who had played the victim as Kyle Richards, 55, described her exit as “sad.”

“I have kind of mixed feelings, not because of her, just because I’m like, yes it’s probably disappointing, but also life’s great without reality television,” Kyle explained. “It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, poor Crystal.’ She has a great family and there is a lot to say for not doing that.”