Brock Davies Claims Chef Penny Owns ‘Something About Her’ Trademark, Shades Ariana & Katie as Vanderpump Rules Stars Dish on Tom’s Ex-Assistant Ann Working at Sandwich Shop

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Brock Davies Claims Chef Penny Owns ‘Something About Her’ Trademark, Shades Ariana & Katie as Vanderpump Rules Stars Dish on Tom's Ex-Assistant Ann Working at Sandwich Shop

Brock Davies made a shocking claim about who holds the trademark for Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney‘s sandwich shop after Tuesday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

As Katie, 37, and Ariana, 38, continued to face challenges with Something About Her, Brock, 33, admitted to doing his own research into the matter as Katie and Ariana opened up about Tom Sandoval‘s former assistant, Ann Maddox, coming to work for them.

“I heard through the rumor mill that there’s permitting issues,” Brock began on the April 30 episode of the Pump Rules: After Show.

According to Brock, he found it ironic that what Katie complained about as Tom Schwartz, 40, and Sandoval, 41, attempted to open their bar and restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s, was what she was dealing with from Ariana amid their efforts to open the doors to Something About Her.

“The biggest problem that Katie had with Sandoval was their relationship with Schwartz and Sandy’s bar opening up, and then the issue that when they’re opening the bar, Tom ran off doing his music and all that. We’re still waiting for the sandwich shop to open, and then it’s the same thing, just in different forms. Ariana’s running off to New York, doing her stuff, and Katie’s trying to open this bar,” he explained. “So there’s a lot of similarities.”

In addition to hearing about Ariana and Katie’s permitting issues, Brock said he also learned that their trademark for the venue was held by Penny Davidi, a chef they’ve since parted ways with.

“The trademark is owned by Penny, the lady they hired,” Brock shared. “The trademark is owned by her husband, ladies and gentlemen, which means the sandwich brand is owned by Penny and her husband, who is an attorney, a litigator, and I know for a fact that they’re having issues trying to get a contract with this woman.”

Brock went on to say that Ariana and Katie’s sandwich tastings were a sign that they had “no idea what to do.”

“They hired this woman to do the job … What’s happening with Something About Her? They need to change that name real quick,” he stated.

“When I go to the third sandwich taping for Something About Her, Sloppy Joes better be on the menu,” James Kennedy, 32, replied.

Just last month, as it was noted that Something About Her would open on May 22, Penny’s attorney, Jonathan Lee Borsuk, spoke to The U.S. Sun, addressing the trademark issue as the outlet suggested the trademark was still pending.

“There were conversations about several logistical steps to getting the restaurant open and the brand protected. Penny had said, ‘Look, one of the things that we should do as a partnership is establish trademark protection,’ Katie and Ariana said, ‘Yeah, that would be great if you do that.’ And Penny said, ‘Yeah, I can have my husband obtain the trademark so that it’s protected.’ And so that’s what she did,” he revealed.

“Penny remains a supporter of the restaurant and would love to help in any way that she can for the restaurant to open at the earliest possible time and then for it to be successful,” Jonathan added.

In their own segment of the Pump Rules: After Show, Ariana and Katie spoke of Ann joining their team at Something About Her.

“I already think she’s a great addition, just her presence and enthusiasm and everything,” Katie noted. “We’re still in touch with her and we’re like, ‘It’s coming along.’ Ann must work with us.”

“I think too, something that she had said she wanted in a job before was she wanted to be someone who contributed creatively and somebody who had upward mobility. Things like that and that’s definitely something that we have. She also said she really wanted to work with women,” added Ariana.

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