Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo Slams Craig Conover’s Timeline for Having Kids, Says Craig’s “Never Asked” When She Wants to Get Engaged, and Addresses Skipping Lindsay’s Bridal Shower

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo Slams Craig Conover's Timeline for Having Kids, Says Craig's "Never Asked" When She Wants to Get Engaged, and Explains Why She Skipped Lindsay's Bridal Shower

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Paige DeSorbo isn’t on board with Craig Conover‘s baby timeline.

Following last week’s new episode of Summer House, in which Craig, 35, admitted he would be resentful toward Paige, 31, if he weren’t a dad by 40, Paige fired back at the Southern Charm star’s comments, stating that she’s “in charge,” while also explaining why she was not in attendance at Lindsay Hubbard‘s bridal shower.

“When Craig’s ovaries come in, he can decide when he wants to have a baby. Okay?” Paige began on the May 5 episode of the Summer House: After Show.

Although Paige said she appreciates a timeline and loves when people “are planning things out for their lives,” she’s the one who will be having the baby and feels that decision should be up to her.

“I love that he has a timeline, but we will compromise and go by my timeline for a baby because, again, I’m the one that will carry it for nine months, and my life and job will change, and literally, nothing will change for him until the day I pop that kid out. And then, even then, it probably won’t change for him,” she explained. “I love his thought process. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Paige went on to say that she has to be “in charge” of her and Craig’s relationship.

“If I wasn’t in charge, God knows where we would be, in a trailer somewhere, like, driving across the 50 states, sightseeing,” she laughed. 

While Paige has frequently been accused of acting as if she doesn’t truly love, or even like, her boyfriend, she pointed out that he has yet to ask her to take the next step.

“Craig’s never asked me to move in with him. Craig’s never asked me when I want to get engaged, so I kind of think about it in my own head, like, ‘If he’s not asking, then I’m going proceed with my personal timeline,'” she reasoned. “I’m not just gonna sit and wait or, [be] like, ‘Yeah, whatever you want to do I’m going to go with the flow with.’ Because I don’t go with the flow. I’ve always felt secure with him but I get where he’s coming from that I’m not the typical lovey-dovey girl.”

Continuing to defend herself, Paige said, “I feel like I show my love in different ways. I show up. I defend him. I help him through things … I feel like I’ve shown love in more tangible ways, rather than just, ‘You’re so hot.’”

During another segment of the Summer House: After Show, Paige addressed not being invited to Lindsay and Carl Radke‘s wedding, which was scheduled for November 2023, months before they suddenly split.

“I’m never gonna beg to be invited to anything ever in my life and if you’re not invited to something, you don’t go. They don’t want you there … I felt like at some point, Lindsay and Carl wanted us to like, vie for an invite to their wedding where, like, I’m so good on that,” she shared.

“I also was not invited to the wedding,” noted Ciara Miller, 28.

According to Paige, she didn’t attend Lindsay’s shower because she didn’t want to make her feel as if she had to invite her to the wedding.

“I felt like it would’ve been rude of me to go,” she admitted, “but with that said, I didn’t take it lightly that she offered the invitation, and I got her a very lovely gift, so I felt like we both were good, which, I would like that gift back. I got her white silk La Perla pajamas to get ready in before their wedding.”

“I got her a bunch of sex toys,” added Ciara.

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