Jax Taylor Shades Scheana & Brock’s Marriage, Discusses What Led to Dwindling Sex Life With Brittany, and Not Leaving His Home for Her, Plus He Addresses Brittany’s Drinking and Randall Emmett

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Jax Taylor Shades Scheana & Brock's Marriage, Discusses What Led to Dwindling Sex Life With Brittany, and Not Leaving His Home for Her, Plus He Addresses Brittany's Drinking and Randall Emmett

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Jax Taylor took aim at Brock Davies while responding to Scheana Shay‘s claim about his split from Brittany Cartwright being for the best on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

As he also spoke of where he and Brittany, 35, stand in their relationship currently and revealed if he’s spoken to Randall Emmett, 53, the Vanderpump Rules star, 44, who also appears on The Valley, opened up about what led to his and Brittany’s split and praised Scheana, 39, as a “great husband.”

“Scheana’s a great husband. She is a great husband,” Jax declared on the May 7 episode of WWHL.

Then, when Andy Cohen, 55, asked if he was signaling to Scheana being the breadwinner for her family, which includes three-year-old daughter Summer Moon, he confirmed he was, saying, “It went over everybody’s head.”

Continuing on about Scheana’s comments about his and Brittany’s breakup, Jax pointed out that Scheana was simply “sticking up for her friend.”

“That’s fair. She doesn’t know. She’s talking behind closed doors. She can protect her friend. That’s honorable. That’s what she should do,” he stated.

On recent episodes of The Valley, Jax and Brittany’s sex life, or lack thereof, has been highlighted, which Jax credited to a number of issues.

“I wanna take the blame to that, I’m just going through a lot of things with my mental health right now. It’s a real tough process. Being married is not easy,” he explained. “Going through what we went through, COVID and then, obviously, losing our job on [Pump Rules] and going through all that and then having a baby, there was just a lot of stuff that was pilling down on me. It was crushing me. It would crush anybody.”

When a fan then asked if he felt bad that he remained in his and Brittany’s former shared home while she moved out, Jax said, “No.”

“It was Brittany’s choice to leave. It’s not like an abusive thing, it wasn’t a cheating thing. It’s just because we’re not communicating,” he shared. “Brittany does very well for herself. Our house is very, very expensive. I’m not gonna pay two mortgages.”

According to Jax, he and Brittany are still “separated” but spending a lot of time with one another.

“There’s absolutely no infidelity. It’s strictly a communication thing and until I can fix myself or get to where I want to be, I can’t be good for her,” he revealed. “Right now, we are cordial. She lives down the street. We see each other every single day, we take our son to school every day, we go to swim class, we go to soccer, we do everything, we’re just not sleeping in the same bed.”

They are also continuing to argue about his temper.

“I have a short temper. I have a short fuse. I don’t have any patience,” Jax admitted. “There’s a long, long list of things that I’m currently trying to get some help. I really, really need a lot of help. As you guys know on Vanderpump Rules, I went through like three different therapists. I was exposed, which I know that’s not what you do as a therapist, you don’t expose your clients. Season three or four, I went to go see a therapist, and I kind of trusted this person, and then we went to Australia and found out she was at a bar telling everybody she was Jax Taylor’s therapist. After going through that and putting everything out there, it’s not really easy to jump back into that again.”

Also during the live broadcast, Jax admitted he was “maybe a little bit” too hard on Brittany about her drinking and said he “would like to hope” that Kristen Doute, 41, and Luke Broderick will last.

“You want the best for Kristen,” he stated.

On the WWHL: After Show, Jax was questioned about the last time he spoke to Randall.

“That guy, I can’t think of a bigger scumbag in the world, the stuff he’s done to [Lala Kent], the stuff he put her through, stuff he’s put me through. I haven’t spoken to him,” Jax confirmed. “He won’t return my calls.”

As Pump Rules fans may recall, Randall reportedly owes Jax $75,000.

“It was a loan, not an investment … I’ve done four of them with him. This was the fifth one. He paid the others off, but he didn’t pay this one off,” Jax shared.

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