Lala Kent Reveals If She’s Joining ‘The Valley,’ If She Pitched Spinoff, and Addresses Vanderpump Rules Pause and Claims of Not Having a Season 11 Storyline, Plus Frustrations With Katie Staying Quiet About Ariana, and Regrets

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Lala Kent Reveals If She’s Joining 'The Valley,' If She Pitched Spinoff, and Addresses Vanderpump Rules Pause and Claims of Not Having a Season 11 Storyline, Plus Frustrations With Katie Staying Quiet About Ariana, and Regrets

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Lala Kent revealed if she’s currently in talks to join The Valley season two and reacted to the Vanderpump Rules filming pause on Monday’s episode of her podcast.

As she also defended her lack of a storyline on Pump Rules season 11, shaded Katie Maloney, 37, for holding back against Ariana Madix, 38, on camera, and looked back at a series regret, Lala, 33, confirmed if she’s in negotiations for a role on The Valley and admitted to feeling relieved about the pause of Pump Rules.

“I have not had any conversation about entering The Valley. I have had no thought about going on The Valley. I bought a house in the Valley because I could not afford a home that was large enough for my family with a yard in the flats of Beverly Hills. When you’re ready to be a homeowner, and you make what me or my friends make, you move to the Valley. That’s just what you do. There was nothing behind it except, this is what we can afford, and it’s a beautiful space for my family,” Lala explained on the June 3 episode of Give Them Lala.

In addition to having no solid plans to join The Valley, Lala said she’s not moving on to her own series.

“I have never pitched a spinoff about my life,” she confirmed.

While she’s typically filming in the summer months, Lala said she’s happy to be getting a break ahead of filming on Pump Rules season 12, which is expected to go into production later this year.

“I feel like I need a break. I feel like the rest of my cast needs a break,” she admitted. “As much as I love filming the show, it can become very volatile. I’m hyper-sensitive and emotional, especially being pregnant. To be honest, when I heard we were paused, it was like an elephant lifted off my chest because it was like, I get to create a very peaceful environment for this new baby that I’m bringing into the world and I just feel like it’s meant to be.”

While answering questions from fans, Lala was asked what her storyline was for season 11 — since she accused Ariana of bringing “nothing” to the show.

“This season was extremely difficult. None of us were really able to have a storyline. We had to talk about this,” she replied, giving a nod to “Scandoval.” “It wasn’t even a divide in the group. This had demolished the group. I don’t even know how to answer that question because so many times, there were a lot of us who tried to push past talking about this and we simply couldn’t. We couldn’t.”

According to Lala, she was trying to conceive her second child and recovering from her messy split from three-year-old daughter Ocean’s father, Randall Emmett, 53, during season 11.

“I was going down a path of healing and sinking into what my reality is, trying to let go of a lot of anger and I think you saw at the beginning of the season, where I lose it on [Tom Sandoval] on the boat and I have to catch myself,” she explained. “The triggers for me run very, very deep, and if I don’t stop checking myself, I’m gonna end up in a really bad spot, so I don’t know what people want me to say as far as my storyline was. I showed up. I was willing to talk about anything and everything. Unfortunately, something that Tom Sandoval did destroyed the dynamic of the group, and unfortunately and fortunately, we film a television show based on this group. There was no avoiding the conversation. Many of us wanted to move on. We tried to move the needle. It was hard.”

While Lala has been accused of riding for Sandoval, she denied doing so on her podcast.

“I didn’t ride for him so hard, at all. I didn’t show up to any of his events that he invited me to. I simply practiced compassion and acknowledged that a human being was a human being. And it’s wild that I was actually lit on fire,” she stated. “I did not jump on the Tom Sandoval train in any way, shape, or form. I acknowledged where I wanted to be in my life, mentally and emotionally, knowing that I was going to bring a child into the world and I wanted to be in a healthy space. I did that for me. This was my journey of healing.”

As for her drama with Katie, Lala said she found herself frustrated by Katie’s refusal to discuss her sandwich shop, Something About Her, with Ariana.

“We’re filming a show. Something About Her was conceived on Vanderpump Rules. These were the same types of conversations that Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz had to have about Schwartz & Sandy’s. So I felt like what she had said to production and myself, and then decided last-minute that she didn’t want to do any of that because she was worried about her business, I didn’t feel like anything she was saying would destroy the business. They were completely valid things that she was saying. It didn’t make sense to me,” she explained. “I just didn’t understand why she couldn’t have conversations that I’ve watched the Toms have many times and they opened a very successful bar. And we’re filming a TV show. I just didn’t understand how the game had changed.”

Also on the podcast, Lala looked back on season 10, admitting that she “came off very angry.”

“I think season 10, I came off very angry … This season I’m acting the way everyone wanted me to act season 10. The problem is I was dealing with a lot of trauma [during] season 10,” she explained.