Kristen Doute Shares Why She Doesn’t Want Scheana and Lala on The Valley, Exposes Texts to Lala and Shades “Conditional” Friendship Amid Feud, Plus Why She’s “Not Happy” With Jax, & Janet Drama

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Kristen Doute is "So Happy" Scheana and Lala Aren't Joining The Valley, Shares Texts to Lala and Shades "Conditional" Friendship Amid Feud, Plus Why She's "Not Happy" With Jax, & Janet Drama

Credit: Jen Lowery/MEGA, Instagram

Kristen Doute reacted to rumors of Scheana Shay and Lala Kent leaving Vanderpump Rules in lieu of roles on The Valley during an appearance on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Thursday.

In addition to commenting on her current tension with Lala, 33, Jax Taylor, 44, and Janet Caperna, 34, the Pump Rules alum, 41, admitted that when it comes to the possibility of Lala and Scheana, 39, joining The Valley for season two, she’s “so happy” they’re not.

“I’m so happy that our creator, Alex Baskin, just recently did an interview with Hollywood Reporter and he said, ‘Keeping our cast, our cast is bursting at the seams, we’re not bringing anybody over.’ Yes! We don’t need ‘em. We did it on our own,” she stated, as seen in a clip shared by Bye Wig Hello Drama, via Queens of Bravo, on Instagram. “[And] it’s not my fault that Scheana and Lala decided to buy two houses [in the Valley].”

“I worry especially watching the last season of Vanderpump Rules,” added Kristen. “I don’t want anyone coming in trying to play puppeteer.”

That said, she “would love” for Tom Schwartz, 40, to make a guest appearance.

As for why she and Lala suffered a falling out earlier this year, Kristen pointed to drama involving Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, 42.

“We got into a fight, if you will,” Kristen began on the June 6 episode of The Viall Files, via Instagram‘s Bye Wig Hello Drama. “She stopped speaking to me because I did this live podcast. I was pregnant at the time. I didn’t want to do it, but I didn’t want to back out at the last minute so Luke and I went. Lots of drunk people, not fun for me. I get on stage with [Reza Farahan] and GG from [Shahs of Sunset]. GG and I have never gotten along from the day I met her. She’s never been nice to me. We don’t fight. We just don’t speak. We never have. And she made some sh*tty comment about Lala’s parenting because I guess GG’s friends with [Randall Emmett].”

According to Kristen, she didn’t know GG was friends with Lala’s former fiance, with whom she shares three-year-old daughter Ocean.

“I’m sitting in between GG and Reza and she makes some comment and you can see me lean back and I’m like, uncomfortably laughing … [But] what Lala expected me to do was to turn to GG and say, ‘That’s f*cked up. Don’t talk about my friend like that.’ [But] would she ever stick up for me in that way? No,” Kristen stated.

Following the appearance, Kristen found out from Brittany Cartwright, 35, that Lala had said she was “dead to [her],” which prompted her to reach out.

“She sent me a text after the pregnancy loss, which was just after that live podcast, just saying, ‘Heard about your loss, sorry for your loss,’ something like that. I didn’t write back. A while later, I realize I have all these DMs from GG. So I engage and we’re both being nice to each other, but I’m just like, ‘I don’t like the way that went down. You and I have never gotten along. I probably should have said something. I didn’t want to get involved.’ I screenshot the messages, text them to Lala, and said, ‘Just want you to know, this is me trying.’ And her text back to me was like, essentially, she doesn’t give a sh*t,” Kristen shared. “She’s like, ‘GG’s so below base … I don’t even care about this… I’m sure you and I will be homies again one day.’ She’s like, ‘I’m just looking out for my baby and the peace of my baby and I think you could understand that.'”

Right away, Kristen informed Lala, “That is exactly how I felt that day,” and she said that while some friends are meant to be for a lifetime, she felt their friendship was meant to be “for a season.”

“And she goes, ‘Great.’ And that was it. I don’t need that in my life. Friendships with Lala come with so many conditions. It’s so conditional,” Kristen described.

Kristen is also not in a good place with Jax.

“I’m not happy with him right now,” she admitted, also on The Viall Files. “Last weekend, Ariana’s brother had a little birthday shindig at Jax’s bar. I said I would go. I found out ahead of time that my ex-boyfriend [Alex Menache] asked if he could go.”

After arriving at the event, Kristen said she was “crazy uncomfortable” being around Alex.

“He starts shouting some really gnarly, sh*tty things at me. ‘Looks like the Ozempic didn’t work, b*tch!’ Stuff like that,” she shared. “And Jax is standing there with him, kind of holding him back. I was like, ‘Dude, kick him out. What are you doing?’ Nothing happened so I left, sent Jax some texts after like, ‘I’m so disappointed. I need a break from you.’ Jax is like, ‘You know I’m going through so much right now, Kristen.’ Bye b*tch. See ya.”

Moving on to Janet, Kristen said she was “confusing” before slamming her for suggesting she didn’t want her baby to come full term.

“That’s it for me. That’s it. I absolutely will film with her, but I don’t have any desire to bring someone like that back in my life,” Kristen noted. “We started filming the show and I thought I saw a big change. Now I’m like, is this who she really is and the person I thought I knew was not really her?’ But whoever the person was that I was filming with who I thought was my friend is not somebody I want in my life.”

As for whether she confronted Janet about the diss, Kristen admitted, “I kind of flew off the handle a little bit and said, ‘I literally just had a pregnancy loss. How dare you?’”

She also shaded Janet for not learning from her behavior in The Valley.

“Once the season wrapped and she got to watch herself back, which can be very f*cking humbling, she instead took this other road, trying to act like everyone did her so wrong. Watch yourself back. You look like an a**,” she said.

The Valley season two is expected to go into production later this year.