Vanderpump Rules’ Billie Lee Leaks Texts From Victoria Lee Robinson, & Claims Tom Already Cheated on Model, Plus Talks Being There for Ariana, & Tom’s Post-Scandoval Financial Struggles as She Questions Ariana’s Friendship With Kyle

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Vanderpump Rules' Billie Lee Leaks Texts From Victoria, Says Tom Already Cheated on Model, and Recalls Being There for Ariana, Plus Questions Ariana's Friendship With Kyle and Talks Tom's Post-Scandoval Financial Struggles

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Billie Lee put Victoria Lee Robinson on blast on the latest episode of her podcast.

As they continue to feud over Victoria’s relationship with Tom Sandoval, 41, the couple’s alleged drug use, and the reason behind Billie’s falling out with Tom, Billie, 39, leaked text messages Victoria, 31, sent to her amid a reported feud with Tom on her birthday in February, accused Tom of cheating on the model, and weighed in on Ariana Madix‘s friendship with Kyle Chan.

“Victoria, on my birthday, that night when they got into the huge fight, she texts me and involves me in another f*cking fight and I’m like, ‘Dude, why are you involving me, always involving me in fights and on my birthday? Give me a f*cking day off,'” Billie recalled on the June 12 episode of Billie & The Kid.

“That night, it was the 23rd at 1:13 in the morning. She says, ‘Babe, are you awake? Please tell Tom to stop blowing up my close friend’s phone. Not okay. I’m done… This is too much. Sending literal essays to her. It’s inappropriate. We are trying to sleep,'” Billie read as the screenshot was revealed in the YouTube broadcast of her show.

In response, at just after 7:00 a.m., Billie said she was “passed out” when Victoria had texted and informed her that she would stop by that day.

Then, in another message, Victoria asked, “Is he home now? I may go pick up my car now.”

Billie Lee Leaks Texts From Victoria Lee Robinson About Tom Sandoval

As Pump Rules fans will recall, Tom and Victoria made headlines earlier this year when they suddenly unfollowed one another, prompting rumors of a split. However, a short time later, they confirmed all was well with a racy image on Instagram.

According to Billie, ups and downs aren’t out of the ordinary for the couple. And, oftentimes, during arguments, Victoria would reach out to her.

“She hated the fact that he would be with me … And I think she also didn’t like the fact that I had a key [to Tom’s house], but I’ve had a key for years,” Billie shared, stating that Victoria once tried to get her to give her a key amid an argument, claiming she needed access to Tom’s home to get her pills.

Although Tom and Victoria were first spotted together in December, Billie said they started dating in November as her podcast guest, Tii, said she and Tom were “still hanging out” in December — at which point the Pump Rules cast member was trying to meet her mom. Then, in January, Tii said Tom stayed in touch, sharing details of his trip to Thailand with her.

“He definitely has already cheated on Victoria several times. I hate to break it to her but like, I hope she’s not really trusting him because that’s hysterical,” Billie said in response.

Looking back at the breaking of “Scandoval,” which saw Tom being caught cheating on Ariana, 38, with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, Tii said people don’t understand how much Billie was doing for both Tom and Ariana, including dry cleaning, damage control, and cleaning the house.

“When Ariana left, there was a period where the dog, when it very first happened, the dog was still there and the cat. And so I was dog-sitting a lot,” Billie revealed. “Mya peed and pooped a lot on the rug, so the smell was really bad. Kitty liked to pee everywhere. It was just a really bad thing and so I spent a lot of time getting all those rugs up, getting them moved out, [and] getting the place clean. I was like, ‘Tom, we gotta do something.'”

Billie was also at TomTom when Ariana first learned of her then-boyfriend’s months-long affair.

“I went to Tom and Ariana’s house. It felt like a death in the family. I cried. I was there for Ariana for like, six weeks after the TomTom incident. I was fully there for her. I was so pissed at Tom. Even though he was like a brother to me, like family, I was still really upset,” she shared.

Then, after a mutual friend informed her that Tom wasn’t doing well and needed a friend, Billie felt called to step in.

“I was still dog-sitting and helping so I texted Ariana and I said, ‘Hey girl, I’m going to Tom’s — to your house — I’m also going to be dog-sitting,’ I’m like, ‘I just want to give you a heads up.’ And she said, ‘Okay. I love you but I hate him,'” Billie recalled. “[But] because of the paparazzi seeing us out and me there the whole weekend, she unfollowed me, blocked me. That’s when I lost all my friends, including her. So it wasn’t like I just randomly picked a side. I was really there as much as I could [be] for Ariana.”

Although Billie understood that Ariana needed to create boundaries for herself after her and Tom’s messy breakup, it “really hurt” her feelings to be cut off, especially when Kyle, who reportedly knew about Tom’s affair with Raquel as it happened, wasn’t.

“Apparently she is still friends with Kyle who knew the whole time,” Billie noted.

Also on the podcast, Billie admitted that Tom went through hard times financially after his cheating scandal.

“Tom didn’t have money … People were like, ‘Yo, the band owes this, Tom owes me this. Tom owes me that.’ It was a scary time financially for Tom because … he didn’t have so many endorsements. They just all stopped because of the scandal and so eventually his account ran dry,” she revealed. “So we were really worried.”

Then, after Tom began getting meetings, Billie said he “wasn’t showing up,” which ultimately led to the concern that prompted her and other friends to stage an intervention.