Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo Admits to Beating Craig Down, Discusses Off-Camera Fights and Shares Why She’s Glad They Aren’t Married Yet, Plus Explains Jesse’s Flirting

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo on Beating Craig Down, "Harsh" Criticism, and Why She's Glad They Aren't Married Yet, Plus Admits Their Off-Camera Fights Are "Very Different" and Explains Jesse's Flirting

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Paige DeSorbo admitted to beating down her boyfriend, Craig Conover, and being “harsh” with her criticism of him while appearing on a podcast days ago.

As she also shared why she’s glad the two of them haven’t gotten married quite yet and explained how their on-camera fights differ from their off-camera disputes, Paige, 31, addressed Summer House newbie Jesse Solomon‘s season eight flirting and defended her antics towards Craig, 35.

“With Craig, I feel like I’ve beaten him down so much that now he gets sarcastic humor and like, we’re Italian, we’re gonna make fun of you. So he can hang now,” she revealed on the June 7 episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast. “Sometimes I think he thinks I’m just really harsh because I’m the one dating him. And I’m like ‘No, you don’t understand. Every girl is thinking, what the f*ck is this?’ And if I don’t tell you, who’s gonna tell you? I don’t want you walking around just looking ridiculous. I have to tell you.”

Looking back at the many seasons of reality TV they’ve filmed together, including scenes for Summer House, Southern Charm, and Winter House, Paige said it’s easy to “get lost in the sauce” when it comes to exposing relationships to the cameras.

“If I really listened to everyone around me, me and Craig would be married and I don’t know if that would’ve worked out well if I had done it when everyone told me to,” she admitted. “It’s so easy for everyone else to love your relationship so then you think, ‘Oh I’m in this great relationship.’ It’s easy to get caught up in it.”

While viewers have certainly seen a lot of happy moments between Paige and Craig, they’ve also seen some drama from this couple and other couples of the show, including Lindsay Hubbard, 37, and Carl Radke, 39.

“Some people are like, ‘Oh, they’re just real on camera, and they fight.’ And yes, they do, they have full-on brawls,” Paige said of her castmates. “And I’ve fought with Craig on camera and we went through Winter House together. And when we got home from Winter House, I’ve never screamed at him more in my f*cking life.”

According to Paige, everyone is different when it comes to arguments that are filmed. And, when it comes to her and Craig, she does her best to be respectful.

“Same with [Kyle Cooke] calling [Amanda Batula] a f*cking bitch. And I get so mad at Craig,” she revealed. “My fights are very different on camera than in my bedroom when I’m like, ‘You’re a f*cking a**hole.’ But that’s just being human and having a little respect.”

Also on the podcast, Paige weighed in on Jesse’s flirting, describing her co-star’s playful antics as harmless.

“He’s very sarcastic, very dry. So a lot of him hitting me, I knew he’s just like, ‘I’m gonna say it and see how much he can push the envelope.’ Not in a disrespectful way, more in like a TV way,” she explained. “He’s sarcastic and funny.”

Part two of the Summer House season eight reunion airs Thursday at 8/7c on Bravo.