Jeff Lewis Shares Update With Jenni Pulos and Says Dorit “Adds Nothing” to RHOBH, Plus He Reacts to Alexis’ Sex Revelation About John, Explains Saying RHODubai Isn’t Funny and Shades Andy Cohen

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Jeff Lewis Shares Update With Jenni Pulos and Says Dorit "Adds Nothing" to RHOBH, Plus He Reacts to Alexis' Sex Revelation About John, Explains Saying RHODubai Isn't Funny and Shades Andy Cohen

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Jeff Lewis shared an update on his relationship with former friend and Flipping Out co-star Jenni Pulos while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday.

While also sharing his thoughts on several of the Real Housewives franchises, reacting to Alexis Bellino, 47, saying she has sex with John Janssen, 60, more than four times a day, and shading Dorit Kemsley, 47, and Andy Cohen, 56, Jeff, 54, admitted that making amends with Jenni, 51, isn’t completely off the table.

“You never know. Maybe someday we’ll be in our 80s and pick up the phone, on my deathbed,” Jeff shared on the June 18 episode of WWHL.

As for Alexis’ sex revelation, and whether he’s seen her and John out and about, Jeff said, “I have not run into either of them. [But] good for them. They’re having sex four times a day. The rest of us have jobs.”

During a game of rapid-fire questions, Jeff didn’t hold back while sharing his thoughts on the Housewives series.

“I think, first of all, I’d make Micheal a full-time housewife. I think these girls take themselves too seriously. I would bring in some crazy b*tch to stir things up. So, Kelly Dodd, pack your things. You’re going to Dubai!” Jeff said when asked about The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Regarding The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jeff continued, “I love the cast. I’d probably bring back, you know, once you settle the lawsuit, Caroline Manzo.”

He also had ideas for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I’m gonna bring back [Camille Grammer] as a friend, which I think you’re doing, Denise Richards as a friend, which I think you’re doing. Lisa Rinna, I’m bringing back as a full-time regular. [Crystal Kung-Minkoff], I’m bringing back as a friend because I think that was a mistake getting rid of her.”

“Wow, you had terrible things to say about her,” Andy interjected.

“Now I like her,” Jeff replied, then adding, “[And] I’m getting rid of Dorit cause she adds nothing.”

According to Andy, however, “Jeff’s gonna eat his words about that Dorit comment.”

Later, while appearing on the WWHL: After Show, Jeff was asked if he heard from Dorit or her estranged husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, 57, after revealing he found out they’d been separated before their announcement from a mutual friend.

“I think now what happens is people are reluctant to text me because I will read it on the radio. So it’s amazing that people still text me, actually. So I don’t think they’re gonna text me. I’m actually fine with PK. I like PK.”

As for Shannon Beador, 60, Jeff admitted he “[feels]” for his longtime friend ahead of The Real Housewives of Orange County season 18.

“I will say, watching Shannon activated though, it’s fascinating on television,” Andy noted.

“There’s no better TV than when Shannon is activated. That’s true,” Jeff agreed. “I just didn’t like that you took away all her allies. You know what I’m saying? She went in with the wolves.”

Although Andy attempted to defend himself, noting that Shannon and Tamra Judge, 56, were allies before filming began, Jeff criticized him for removing Vicki Gunvalson, 62, and Taylor Armstrong, 53, from the cast as he revealed what he would’ve done with the show on the live broadcast.

“I would make Vicki a full-time cast member. I’d bring Taylor back as a friend and I may bring [Gretchen Rossi] back as a friend,” he shared.

As for his personal life, Jeff said his seven-year-old daughter Monroe is “doing really well,” and he noted that he’s currently dating but not giving anyone too much time if he doesn’t see long-term potential.

“I originally was dating a lot for the last eight months and now I’ve toned it down,” he explained.

He then reacted to Caroline Stanbury, 48, calling him out for suggesting the ladies of The Real Housewives of Dubai “weren’t funny.”

“I really like it. I think the women are beautiful … aspirational, affluent, sophisticated, it just, I know you from Ladies of London. I know how funny you are, and witty you are. I think it’s wasted. I think she was funnier on Ladies of London because she had people to play off of that were just as witty.”

Moving on to the upcoming third season of The Traitors, Jeff said he’s most excited to see Tom Sandoval, 41, on the Peacock series.

“I love a villain so I think Sandoval for sure. I know we don’t like him, but it’s okay to want to watch someone we don’t like. We did that with Heather Dubrow,” he stated, shading the RHOC cast member.

He then did his best to backtrack, saying, “I [love her] now. We’re good. I don’t want to reignite anything because we did reconcile. I used to [see her as a villain] — I don’t want any problems.”

Also on the live broadcast, Jeff and Andy engaged in their usual banter, with Jeff shading Andy as a “b*tch” after he badly lost a poll asking the audience who they’d rather have as a boss between the two of them.

“They don’t know what a b*tch you are. They really don’t. They don’t know you,” Jeff stated after 88 percent of the audience chose Andy.

Then, after Jeff was deemed the real “troublemaking queen” by 73 percent of the audience, Andy called him out for hitting him too hard with a breakaway bottle during a Q&A game.

“We talked earlier about going light on each other!” Andy alleged.